Black Friday shopping tips and best value VPN deals

This Black Friday is just around the corner, and it’s promising to be a big one. Since lots of us had to adapt to working from home, we’re sure there’ll be many things that turned out to be necessary to ease the quarantine, which you’ll be able to get with a discount. Cybersecurity and online safety software proved to be one of those things, and we’ll provide both Black Friday safety tips for shopping, and cheapest VPN service list for privacy protection.

Black Friday has become synonymous with sales and discounts

When is Black Friday happening?

Black Friday dates back to 1952, and it happens on the first Friday after the United States Thanksgiving day. It’s a beautiful occasion that starts the Christmas season shopping and over the decades Black Friday became widely popular. This year it will happen on the 27th of November so ready your wallets. Also, Cyber Monday will soon follow and is set to happen on 30th of November. But first – some safety tips.

Black Friday safety tips

Usually, supermarkets are crowded with people on Black Friday. However, this year most of the shopping will be done online due to quarantine and it’s essential to stay safe online while at it. First of all, beware of phishing scams. Phishing is when cyber criminals write emails, or make fake calls to con people into giving out their banking information. If you see an email that’s for some reason asking you to provide some confidential information – triple check it for strange links, grammar mistakes, or even call the company they’re pretending to be from to ask if this is legitimate.

Keys and safety
Phishing has become very difficult to discern from usual mails

Securing your Internet connection is just as important. For this, we’d recommend using a VPN, a privacy protection oriented cybersecurity software. Because so many people stay at home, cybercriminals try to exploit that by targeting home networks with little to no cybersecurity protection. A VPN will apply additional encryption to your online traffic, protect it from phishing and malware attempts, and obfuscate your IP address, making it much harder to target you with a cyber attack.

That’s why we picked out the three best VPN offers this Black Friday. So without further ado – the cheapest VPN service deals!

Best Black Friday VPN deals 2020


NordVPN needs little introduction – it’s one of the best-known VPN service providers in the market that has a 14 million user base. It has received numerous nominations for the best VPN service, went through two independent audits to prove they keep no logs and release security updates frequently to provide the most up-to-date cyber protection. Moreover, their aps are easy to use, so don’t be afraid if you’re a less tech-savvy person – it’s designed for everybody.

This Black Friday NordVPN deal will include a staggering discount of 68% for their 2-year plan. With Black Friday NordVPN coupon code of ours you will only have to pay $3.71/month, which is an affordable price for a leading cybersecurity service.

Get NordVPN’s Black Friday deal with a 68% discount!

NordVPN deal
NordVPN now offers a great discount


Surfshark just recently joined the cybersecurity community, but instantly gained recognition and positive reviews for their family-friendly service. It was designed to be exceptionally easy and comfortable to use, it also provides unlimited device support (which is excellent for families) and offers a variety of high-speed servers to choose from. There’s a kill switch, a split-tunnelling feature and it works well with numerous streaming services.

Furthermore, it’s one of the cheapest options out there, so if you’re interested in price, and don’t look for decades of reputation, you might’ve found your VPN service provider. Surfshark Black Friday deal includes an 81% discount for their 2-year plan, amounting to $2.49/month!

Get Surfshark’s Black Friday deal with an 81% discount!

Surfshark's homepage
Surfshark has become another popular VPN choice

Perfect Privacy

While Perfect Privacy may not have Black Friday VPN deal, it’s still a great service provider worthy of your attention. The price is rather high but it’s a quality security product that will definitely help you out with online privacy, bypassing restrictions and more. If you’re in need of a no-nonsense VPN focused on doing what it does best, then Perfecet Privacy is your best bet.

At the moment the best deal Perfect Privacy offers is their 2-year deal with a 31% discount for $8.95 per month.

Get Perfect Privacy with a 31% discount!

Perfect Privacy homepage
Perfect Privacy will definitely cover your basic needs

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