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Alec Steele is a blacksmith YouTuber from Norfolk, United Kingdom, who documents the process of doing and building awesome projects in his workshop. His videos are funny, informative, and very educating, that’s why his channel has reached more than 1 million subscribers already. This can seem like a casual number but for a YouTuber, reaching this milestone brings lots of value to the time dedicated to the channel. You can watch the process of how just a pile of steel is being made into knives, blades, swords, or anything new and exciting. Alec also recommends starting to care about your online security by suggesting to use NordVPN and getting protected today.

Alec Steele's YouTube banner
Alec Steele’s YouTube banner

How to get Alec Steele’s coupon code for NordVPN?

Alec Steele recommends NordVPN as one of the best cybersecurity software around to protect your online data. If you watched his last videos, you might have seen he gives an exclusive coupon code for NordVPN. Luckily, here, at Tipsfromgeeks, we managed to get a similar discount. Using TipsFromGeeks coupon code, you can get NordVPN’s 2-year plan for just $3,71/month. In total, NordVPN offers 68% OFF.
All you need to do is to follow the link below as the coupon code is entered automatically. Isn’t it magical?

Get NordVPN coupon code with Alec Steele and Tipsfromgeeks

What is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is a cybersecurity software that ensures, when enabled, privacy on the Internet. The VPN works by encrypting your traffic resulting in a change of your IP address. In the end, you take the IP address of the VPN server you joined. When you join the VPN server, nobody has access to your data, neither the Internet Service Provider (ISP) nor the VPN provider. VPNs usually also offer features for blocking ads, P2P activities, and Torrenting. It is also used as a bypass tool for people who would like to access geo-restricted content.

Why is NordVPN the best in its category?

NordVPN has proved itself to be a great service for securing online activities and is highly rated by major tech experts like PCMag or TechAdvisor:

  • NordVPN provides strong military-grade encryption. Also, they offer a double VPN feature, which adds an extra layer of additional security to your Internet activities.
  • Has more than 5,000 servers in 59 countries all around the globe.
  • NordVPN offers a strict no-logs policy, so it can easily ensure full anonymity for its users. Also, it’s important to mention NordVPN is based in Panama, where no data retention laws exist.
  • Several advanced features are available in the app such as a kill-switch, an ad-blocker.
  • The app is available for all kinds of devices: macOS, iOS, Linux, Android & Windows. You can also find extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers and more.
  • You can share your NordVPN account with up to 6 people and save more.
Get a NordVPN discount with Tipsfromgeeks and Alec Steele.
Get a NordVPN discount with Tipsfromgeeks and Alec Steele.

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