Unbox Therapy is offering a substantial NordVPN discount – here’s how to get it

Unbox Therapy is a massively popular YouTube channel that does, as you might’ve guessed, unboxing of various gadgets and devices. It’s run by Lewis George Hilsenteger who is the host of the channel, and Jack McCann who is the videographer. The channel was created in December 2010, and over the decade gathered around 16.6 million subscribers and over 3 billion views. There’s little it doesn’t cover, so you’ll find iPhone unboxing, headphones, keyboards, Google Pixel phones and many more products to explore. Moreover, you will also notice a recommendation for NordVPN, a privacy protection software with a discount on top of that.

Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy is considered to be one of the biggest Tech YouTube channels on the platform

Don’t miss out on this tremendous NordVPN discount!

Unbox Therapy is fully aware of the online dangers that lurk online these days, and recommend their viewers to take action. We also care about your privacy and online safety, that’s why we would like to offer the same exclusive deal for our readers. Use this 68% discount to get NordVPN for just $3.71/month for a 2-year plan.

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What does NordVPN offer? 

Online privacy protection. These days it’s hard to remain private online, because various data-mining companies, cybercriminals, or even your Internet service provider can gather your online data and use it for their own ends. For those interested in securing their privacy, NordVPN will come in handy. It will encrypt your online data-flow and reroute it through its secure server, making it much harder to spy on your online activities. Additional encryption will ensure confidential information won’t leak to the wrong hands, and you won’t have to worry about losing your banking details while shopping on a public Wi-Fi network.

Additional cybersecurity features. Encryption and secure servers are not the online things you will benefit from. You will be able to obfuscate and change your original IP address, so tracking you online becomes no easy task. Furthermore, NordVPN has a powerful CyberSec feature, which will defend your device against malware, protect against phishing attempts, disable numerous trackers and block Ads. All of this combined is a huge boost to your online safety and privacy. One more thing, if you’re using public Wi-Fi a lot then using a VPN is a must, reports on cybercrime frequently state that public Wi-Fi networks are the usual target for cybercriminals that want an easy grab.

Other famous YouTubers, such as Boogie and Critical Role, also recommend this service for privacy protection.

VPN on a phone
VPN can secure your Internet traffic

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a cybersecurity software that was primarily developed for business protection. However, over the years, the technology evolved into what it is now – a much needed and popular tool both for businesses and personal use alike. It works by creating an encrypted and secured tunnel between a user’s device and one of VPNs servers, protecting the data-flow inside from various online dangers.

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