KuchenTV recommends using NordVPN with a special coupon code

KuchenTV is a german Youtuber whose real name is Tim Heldt. He started the YouTube adventure in 2011 and after nearly a decade, Tim is about to reach his first million subscribers.
Opinion takes a huge place in KuchenTV’s channel. He already provided at a very young age some reviews to JuliensBlog (or JuliensHateBlog) as an opinion blogger. The main power of his videos if I can say so, is the black humor. This humor already cost him some controversial stories but Tim became more mature and decided to get away from that. He considers his channel as a german pearl where you can escape for the basic YouTube content.
You understood it, KuchenTV is a channel where Tim shares his opinion. When it comes to cybersecurity, Tim’s opinion is all set. He decided to go with NordVPN for a few reasons and decided to offer a coupon code.

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How to get KuchenTV coupon code for NordVPN? 

When KuchenTV speaks about a brand, he makes sure to pick the best ones. It is precisely what he decided to do with recommending NordVPN to his community. To enjoy the best of NordVPN, he decided to give his coupon code.
Luckily, Tipsfromgeeks also has a coupon code that will allow you to stay safe online with NordVPN. Using the coupon code, you can get up to 65% OFF on the 2-year plan. In total, that’s just $4.13/month. To get it, you have to click the link below! 

NordVPN on discount using Tipsfromgeeks coupon code
NordVPN on discount using Tipsfromgeeks coupon code

What does the offer contain? 

The first reason for getting a VPN is to stay secure when online browsing. Did you know that public Wi-Fi networks, or hotel and airport networks, are frequently targeted by hackers trying to step into breaches to steal confidential information?
To avoid that, the best is to get a VPN. A VPN creates a network of encrypted tunnels between your device and one of its 5500 servers. The data flow is rerouted through that tunnel this way, protecting from any third party spectators.
NordVPN’s servers receive additional encryption, so not even your Internet Service Provider will see what you are up to. 

On another hand, VPN significantly grew their popularity as it has become impossible to watch foreign content as they are geo-restricted. By choosing one of the servers located in 59 countries, you can bypass this restriction offering you a new world. As you may know, Netflix uses different catalogs depending on your location. Thankfully, no need to wait for the end of the pandemic as you connect to any catalogs and access exclusive content. 

Why choose NordVPN?

NordVPN has grown a lot over the past years, reaching some 14 million users. New features, new protocols, new technologies. Let’s review what makes NordVPN one of the leading providers in the cybersecurity industry: 

  • NordLynx protocol for better speeds 
  • Wireguard protocol for a better encryption
  • Up to 6 devices on the same account 
  • Available with iOS, macOS, Linux, Android & Windows 
  • Located in Panama, NordVPN doesn’t keep data
  • No-logs policy audited twice by third party company (PricewaterhouseCoopers)  with successful results. 
  • 65% OFF the 2-year plan with Tipsfromgeeks coupon code

KuchenTV joins the squad of other popular influencers who take some of their time to recommend NordVPN. As an example, Space Frogs or Philip de Franco recommend it to stay secure online, even if you don’t work from home. 

Get the best VPN deal with NordVPN
Get the best VPN deal with NordVPN

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