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GameStar is an incredibly successful YouTube channel from Germany! Currently, it has attracted over 1.3 million subscribers and it is fully understandable when you see what content they produce. Gaming news, the latest tech changes, computer or hardware announcements and much more await you here every single day. If any of this seems interesting and…

Donut Media Presenting NordVPN – Get the Best Deal

One of the largest and best-known YouTube Creators – Donut Media has attracted an incredible 5.5 million subscribers over the relatively short time it existed. This channel promotes all kinds of content such as building cars from scratch, diving deep into how engines work, or even learn some impressive secrets of the most surreal cars…

Historia Bez Cenzury Offering an incredible NordVPN Discount Code!

Historia Bez Cenzury or in English known as History Uncensored is a Polish YouTube channel focusing on teaching you about history without cutting out all the gritty details. As the Channel itself states, it will take you on a hard-hitting ride where you will learn about the things your history teachers kept quiet about.The best…

YouTuber Konstantin Sharing His Exclusive NordVPN Discount Code

Konstantin Ermakov or best known as simply Konstantin is a very popular YouTube personality with just over 1 million subscribers.Konstantin’s huge popularity can be credited to the time when he first collaborated with British YouTuber KSI, and published his first-ever vlog video on YouTube. From what we can find, it was a behind-the-scenes video of…

Most secure browsers for 2021

In this guide you will find the most secure browsers for 2021. We will not discuss the most popular ones like Chrome or Safari, we will discuss less known ones but more security based ones.

How to watch Hotstar outside of India 2021

Hotstar is one of the most popular streaming platforms around the globe and has a wide library of Bollywood films and TV shows. Sadly, if you are living outside of India, this streaming platform will not be available for you.

15 Best TV Streaming Sites Online 2020

Cable TV is dying since everything you can find on Cable you can find online and much more. We decided to pick 20 best online streaming sites for you that will make you get rid of cable and enjoy any TV show or movie you want.