Evosmart Recommends NordPass and Offers an Irresistible Discount


Evosmart Recommends NordPass and Offers an Irresistible Discount

The renowned Italian YouTube channel, Evosmart, has partnered with NordPass, the leading password manager, to bring its viewers an exclusive deal that ensures both security and savings.

Popular YouTube channel Evosmart is known for smartphone and smartwatch reviews. With a keen eye for detail, Evosmart provides in-depth analyses of the design, speed, and functionality of these devices. As a testament to their expertise, the channel has amassed an impressive 131K subscribers since its inception in 2009. And, it garnered an astounding 41 million views over the years. However, Evosmart offers more than just reviews; it serves as a comprehensive portal for news, reviews, and curiosities from the world of technology.

Notably, Evosmart has recently recommended the use of NordPass and even provides an exclusive discount, further demonstrating their commitment to helping their audience make informed choices when it comes to digital security.

Evosmart NordPass
Evosmart has not only YouTube channel but a website dedicated to all things tech as well.

How to get a NordPass deal by Evosmart?

TipsFromGeeks managed to get a similar coupon code for NordPass. You can get a 2-year subscription for only $1.49/mo and save up to 53% of the original price with it! Plus you’ll receive a gift – 3 months for free. Simply click on the button below and the coupon code will apply automatically.

NordPass pricing page.

What is NordPass?

NordPass is your ultimate buddy for managing your passwords like a pro! It’s a sleek, simple, and user-friendly password manager. And it lets you store, organize, and fortify all your passwords in one secure spot. With its rock-solid end-to-end encryption, NordPass is the real deal when it comes to keeping up your online security. Plus, it’s got some seriously handy features up its sleeve. Such as generating unique passwords and effortlessly filling them in on websites and apps.

And let’s not forget about the mind-blowing security features, like zero-knowledge policy, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). But wait, there’s more! NordPass goes above and beyond with awesome extras, including password sharing, a nifty password health checkup tool, data breach monitoring, and emergency access.

Creators like Alessandro Morolla and GizChina Italia also recommend NordPass as a must-have privacy tool.

What can NordPass do for you?

Many NordPass features

Store all your digital valuables

  • Unlimited passwords and passkeys
  • Add files alongside passwords
  • Note down things that matter
  • Have secure access to your credit cards on all your devices
  • Save and autofill personal info

Take charge of your security

  • Check for leaked data
  • Generate complex passwords
  • Share passwords and passkeys securely with your family and friends
  • Secure your account with Biometrics
nordpass sale 2024 winter
Get up to 53% OFF deal.

The YouTube channel, Evosmart, has partnered with NordPass to bring its viewers an exclusive deal that ensures both security and savings.