ADVChina gives NordVPN discount – how to get the deal?

There are tons of leisure time activities that attract people. However, If you asked me which in my opinion are the most popular, I’d definitely say that it’s travelling and watching talk shows. ADVChina created a perfect solution and flawlessly matched these two. ADVChina is a YouTube channel that is a part of two other channels. Friends who own those channels create videos about China’s lifestyle, culture and beyond from different angles. ADVChina’s channel authors make videos straight on motorcycles and not only show a realistic perspective but also talk about it when driving. Since they are uploading videos intensively, they must be able to access the internet without any issues. Due to their experience, they learned how hard it’s to surf the net freely in China. That’s the reason why they recommend NordVPN.

ADVChina is a great introduction to Chinese culture

How to get ADVChina’s NordVPN discount?

Since they want to give something in exchange for their audience, ADVChina share a dedicated coupon code. With his coupon you are able to get a large 68% discount on a 2-year plan. It sounds like a real catch therefore we decided to get a similar deal for our readers. It’s really easy to get – just click on the following link and that’s it. You will find it automatically added to your basket.

TipsFromGeeks coupon code
NordVPN now offers a 68% discount

What is ADVChina’s channel about?

They describe their channel in a simple way, it’s an adventure talk show on two wheels. Four years ago two friends uploaded the first video in which they compared Chinese girls vs. Western girls and it instantly got a lot of reactions (I think this is one of the most viewed videos). Besides, you can find plenty of engaging videos which explain how to deal with culture shock in China, why there are so many rich people there, what happens inside China’s internet addiction camps and why YouTube is banned.

Why NordVPN? 

NordVPN is a leading service provider that protects more than 12 million people worldwide. It stands out from competitors, due to exclusive security features like double VPN, automatic kill switch, P2P, etc. It has a strict no logs policy (user’s details regarding online activity are not collected), easily bypasses geo-restrictions and censorship, and provides complete anonymity and internet freedom. 
NordVPN is also highly recommended by Casey Neistat, and Gus Johnson to name a few.

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Get a VPN to stay secure online

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