Casey Neistat offers a generous NordVPN discount – how to get the deal?

Casey Owen Neistat is a massively popular filmmaker, YouTuber, and a vlogger that runs a 12 million YouTube channel by his name. The popularity of the channel is no surprise because Casey embodies what could be called an American dream. He went from a job as a dishwasher and teen welfare dad to being a YouTube icon and doing what he loves most – making video content. As he says on his front video, if he had to write a biography, then it would be called “Do what you can’t.” Casey is a true believer in overcoming challenges and encourages everyone to do the same, but at the same time, he cares about safety. That’s why he is recommending a privacy protection software NordVPN.

Casey Neistat YT cover
Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s most beloved personas

How to get Casey Neistat NordVPN discount?

Casey is a caring person, and he values his viewers’ privacy, so he provides an exclusive coupon for them to use. With it, the spectators can get a 68% discount for the service for a 2-year plan. Not bad, huh? This deal is impressive, that’s why we offer the same terms for our readers to enjoy. You can click the following link to get the deal from us. The coupon is applied automatically, so you don’t have to write anything down.

TipsFromGeeks coupon code
Grab the deal with a hefty discount

Who is Casey Neistat?

Casey was born in a village of Gales Ferry where he went and dropped out of the high-school. In his younger years, he lived in a trailer park with his then-girlfriend and son and was working as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant and a short-order cook. During these years he decided to start a new life and move to New York City.

He started his YouTube career on February 17th 2010, when he uploaded a video when to use an emergency brake cord on train cars in NYC. His next popular video was on Vimeo released six days after, on February 23d., which analysed the Internet site Chatroulette and did a little experiment to see who would be “nexted” more – males or females. The results came as a considerable difference when Neistat was “nexted” 95% of the time and his girlfriend only 5%. These unique and exciting topics gained him fame, and a thriving online career followed later on.

Why does Casey Neistat recommend NordVPN?

Because he cares about his viewers’ privacy, and so does NordVPN. It’s a strict no-logs VPN service provider that has gone through an independent audit to prove that their servers don’t log any data – they don’t. You’ll also get to choose from a vast amount of 5800 servers, meaning you will be able to bypass online geographic restrictions with ease. 

NordVPN is recommended by more famous personalities, such as PewDiePie and PhilDeFranco, that also support it.

NordVPN enabled on a phone
NordVPN is available on iOS and Android among other operating systems

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