GlobalistaTV and Incogni: Exclusive Offer for Enhanced Online Privacy


GlobalistaTV and Incogni: Exclusive Offer for Enhanced Online Privacy

Oskar Bednarski has a special GlobalistaTV Incogni offer for anyone looking to expand their online privacy – get 50% off from Incogni!

Oskar Bednarski – Polish YouTuber, making videos focusing on scientific curiosities, politics, history and geography. Since 2017, he has been running the Youtube channel called Globalista TV. He started about 2.5 years ago when he recorded the first video on GlobalistaTV, which after some time, out of the blue, it got into the algorithm – it got over 300,000 views almost overnight. Since then, he continues to be one of the most popular Youtubers in Poland, and as of March 2024, the channel has around 800 thousand subscribers.

GlobalistaTV YouTube cover.

How can you receive GlobalistaTV Incogni discount?

Take a look at the world of online privacy with this offer. Modern internet security software Incogni ensures the safety of your data and shields it against unauthorised use or trade. The best thing, though? TipsFromGeeks, together with GlobalistaTV is now offering Incogni at a 50% discount. Click the link below to take advantage of this great offer. After that, simply register on the Incogni website, and your discount will be automatically applied.

Keep your data private with Incogni
Keep your data private!

Is your data safe online?

Like anything else, there are risks while using the internet. However, the experts’ concerns around data collecting have increased recently. The companies, referred to as Data brokers, acquire data from social media, applications, public databases, and other sources. After that, they create thorough profiles of individuals and sell them. This could be used for identity theft, specialised advertising, and other negative purposes. There is no indication that the massive market for data brokers will slow down. In fact, according to the most recent figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, American businesses alone are thought to have spent over $19.2 billion in 2018 collecting and analysing consumer data.

There is, however, good news. You have a right to seek the removal of your data from the databases of data brokers.

How can Incogni and GlobalistaTV protect your privacy?

This is when Incogni comes in. It can first inform you of the businesses that possess your data. Secondly, you might save yourself the headache of going through a drawn-out procedure with data brokers. Put the legal job in the hands of experts!

If you want to take back control of your personal data, think about using Incogni. This service looks up webpages on your behalf and requests that your data be removed from online databases. Nothing will require your time to complete. And what was the outcome? There won’t be as many dangers online.

Creators like Johnny Harris and PewDiePie also recommend Incogni as a must-have privacy tool.

Incogni provides improved protection from:

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Data removal service can protect you from all sorts of harm online.

One of the latest upgrades to Incogni is the addition of people search site removals. Those sites are often free to use and have all sorts of info. From address, phone number to family status. You run the danger of harassment, stalking, or identity theft. You’ll be much safer if you all your data from these sites.

Incogni is currently available in the US, UK, EU, Switzerland, and Canada. Start using Incogni right away, and regain control over your online privacy. Also, keep in mind that you may save 50% on your subscription by using our TipsFromGeeks discount code!

Incogni is part of the CR Digital Lab initiative. The program aims to develop a Data Rights Protocol, and protect people and their rights.

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Discover the exclusive GlobalistaTV Incogni deal and safeguard your online privacy. Act now and you’ll be able to get a huge discount!