How to use Dear Mr. Atheist special NordVPN coupon code

Jimmy Snow is a famous YouTuber, known as Dear Mr. Atheist. Just by looking at the name, it’s easy to imagine what type of content you can find on this channel. As Jimmy Snow says, he used to be a super religious person. Later on, he found out how religion can be dangerous and even mind-controlling. That’s why he chose to show the other side of religion and open some of the people’s eyes by balancing things out. The Dear Mr. Atheist channel is full of various responses to Christian articles, critical replies to videos of bigoted and deeply religious YouTubers.

Dear Mr. Atheist YouTube banner
Dear Mr. Atheist YouTube banner

From time to time, Dear Mr. Atheist also speaks about other issues such as politics and even online security. In the end, it made sense to Dear Mr. Atheist to recommend his subscribers to stay online secure with NordVPN.

How to get Dear Mr. Atheist coupon code for NordVPN?

Many people talk about the importance of online privacy, and the Dear Mr. Atheist YouTube channel is not an exception. He recommends using NordVPN and gives a coupon code.
Luckily, TipsFromGeeks managed to get a similar coupon code to get the same benefits from it. Use TipsFromGeeks special deal and get NordVPN with a 68% discount for $3.71/month with the 2-year plan. Don’t worry, just follow the link below and the coupon code will be applied automatically as seen on the screenshot.

Get the best deal with TipsFromGeeks and Dear Mr Atheist coupon code.

What is a VPN?

Some people might have a hard time understanding what a VPN is, how, and what it’s used for. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online security tool that helps to encrypt user’s online traffic and hide the IP address. It would be easier to imagine it could be equated to a secret, to be more specific; an encrypted tunnel that protects all the info coming from users’ devices to the internet. On top of the mentioned security purpose, it also helps to overcome geographical and other various website restrictions when changing IP addresses by connecting to different countries’ servers. More than that, it helps to safely use the wireless network in public places such as airports, libraries, coffee shops, and many more. In case you are used to torrenting, gaming, or streaming, the VPN remains at your disposal to protect you.

Why should NordVPN be your choice?

  • Wide usage. This premium VPN is well known for its quality and extensive use. Not all VPNs can boast about the capability of giving its users the opportunity to torrent safely with features like kill-switch and P2P servers, also overcome Netflix proxy and other streaming sites (Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC, etc.) blocks. NordVPN offers not only that but also 6 simultaneous connections and has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries. The significant number of servers and countries gives many pros for all the users, especially the ones that love gaming since it assures good ping and speeds.
  • No-logs policy. NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy, which is or at least should be a crucial aspect when choosing yourself a VPN. This tool is meant to hide users online activity and some information about the user; that’s why this premium VPN clearly states that it doesn’t keep nor the connection (amount of data used/transferred, connection date and duration, used VPN servers, out-coming, and incoming IP addresses), nor the usage (visited websites or downloaded files, software used) logs.
  • Additional features. If it already sounds great to you, wait until you find out about the extra features that NordVPN has to offer. Let’s start with a SmartPlay that allows users to access blocked content without additional efforts. Since this feature is already implemented in all the servers, users don’t have to worry about any DNS changes. Another bonus feature is CyberSec — it gives the ability to avoid annoying ads and blocks harmful websites. That helps to secure yourself from different malware and other types of cyber threats.
Get the best deal with NordVPN and Dear Mr Atheist coupon code
Get the best deal with NordVPN and Dear Mr Atheist coupon code

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