VPN for Public Wi-Fi – Why you need to use it

Nowadays you can find and use public wi-fi everywhere, from airports to cafes. It made our lives easier and we can stay connected all the time, we can work from anywhere, watch movies, and do whatever you need to do on the internet from any place. Probably most of us gets pretty excited when we…

JOLLY Teaming Up With NordVPN – Grab The Limited Deal Now

JOLLY is a very successful, family-friendly YouTube channel run by two best friends, Josh and Ollie. As phrased by the creators themselves, here you will find two best friends who have spent a bit too much time on the internet. Their content spans many different topics and ideas. On one episode you may see them…

Top 4 user friendly VPNs for beginners

It ain’t easy to pick the right VPN for a beginner. Useful information tends to get lost in the sea of advertisements, lifetime subscriptions, and other shady stuff. So I decided to make a small list of reliable VPN providers for cybersecurity newbies.

The 12 Best Shows on Netflix (2021)

Netflix is maybe the most popular streaming platform, the variety of content is satisfying and the quality – It feels like watching it on a movie screen. So we decided to put a guide on what are the best TV Shows on Netflix right now.