9 Best apps to bring with you while traveling


9 Best apps to bring with you while traveling

While traveling we all rely on our smartphones – for inspiration, for finding places, for booking, for replacing a paper map. It is a crucial device to have if you wish to make your vacation more comfortable and don’t get lost. Gladly there are many apps out there who can help make our traveling experience better and be our best friends throughout the journey. 

Best Apps You Need On Your Vacation


With the Triplt app you can easily organize all of your itineraries and documents that you will need during your trip. When you book a room for example on Airbnb you can have your reservation sent to your Triplt account, and this goes with all the reservations from hotels to museums. Also you can easily share your trip plans with other people so they will know what your trip plans are and for example know when to pick you up from the airport. 

Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is a perfect to find destinations that must be visited during your vacation. Also you can create your custom map with the locations you choose to visit and download it so you won’t need to use your mobile data with it. Sygic Travel is a perfect app because it not only helps you choose what to see by providing information about places but also it helps to navigate between the objects, show what you should see first, what time you will need to get there and similar stuff that will make your vacation comfy and with no headache. 

Google Translator

Google Translator is a must have tool if you are traveling to a country whose language you do not understand. Google Translator has an option to download a specific language and then you can use their services without using mobile data. With Google Translator you can just open the app, aim the camera to the text you need to translate and boom you are done. It is super easy to use and translate everything and it is a must to have tool while traveling. 


Having a VPN is both useful for finding tickets for flights, booking hotels and cars and both for ensuring your security while traveling. While we are searching online we leave a digital footprint with every move online. Airlines, booking companies use this footprint to understand your activity online and if you are searching for tickets to some country, they immediately rise them since they know you will need the tickets, accommodation or a car no matter the bigger price. The price also depends on your location not just internet activity. A VPN both encrypts your data online so you don’t leave any digital footprint and changes your IP address which can help you get cheaper tickets. 

A VPN also helps travelers to stay safe while traveling. It is no surprise that all of us use a lot of public WiFi while traveling, since using your own mobile data can be very expensive. But it is a surprise for many people that public WiFi can do a lot of damage to them. While you are connected to a public WiFi it is really easy to get hacked, since if someone gets into the public WiFi router it can access all of the people information who are connected to that WiFi. And this can result in your passwords being stolen. 

One more nice features of a VPN that could make your vacation more comfy is that VPN helps to bypass geo-restrictions, for example you want to watch your TV show on Netflix while traveling with a plane, a train or whatever, but Netflix supports different libraries in different countries and your TV show might not be available in that country, this is where a VPN can help by changing your IP address to your home countries. Also if you are traveling to countries such as China, you will need a VPN to even access social media channels, since a lot of pages online are actually blocked in China by the government. 

Packing Pro

If you are a person who always forgets something to take with you on your trip this is an app for you. You just tell the app where are you going, for how long and what would be the weather and it will make you a suggested packing list for your trip. In addition it also suggests things you need to do before traveling for example getting vaccines or buying a first-aid kit. 

SAS Survival guide 

This app was made by a former SAS soldier and instructor and it is a must to have for those who are not traveling to a luxurious hotel but are going on a hike, sleeping in tents and so on. It has many survival skills that will help you from starting a fire to helping to find edible food in the forest. It is not meant only for traveling you can use it while being at home, for example for camping in your backyard. 


This is a simple currency exchange app, that will help you understand how much you are paying in an unknown currency for you. It is a simple app but very recommended to have on every vacation you go on. Just don’t forget to update it before you leave to get the most accurate currency exchange rates. 


You can guess what it does from the name. It locates where you are right now in the world and show places near you right now. It shows everything you need: banks, bars, cafes, hospitals, hotels, park – everything. It is a very useful app, especially if you actually need to go to the hospital which is crucial for your health, you will right away know where to go. 


This app is my personal favorite. It shows all the public toilets near you. Sounds silly at first but if you actually need to go real fast and don’t have time to wander around looking for a toilet just go to the app and find the one nearest you. Simple and useful as that. 

While traveling we all rely on our smartphones – for inspiration, for finding places, for booking, for replacing a paper map. It is a crucial device to have if you wish to make your vacation more comfortable and don’t get lost.

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