What Is The Dark Web and How To Access It

What is the Dark Web

On Google or other search engines we only see a small part of the internet, everything else is hidden on the Dark Web. Dark web is generally speaking a collection of websites that are encrypted and everyone’s IP addresses are hidden. This means that surfing on the Dark Web is absolute anonymous that is why so many people like it and use it. Dark Web websites are not indexed by traditional search engines so you can only access them using special browser like TOR.

How to Access the Dark Web Safely

The easiest way to access dark web is through Tor browser. Tor browser uses URLs that end in .onion, while traditional browsers use .com. Keep in mind that URLs change regularly since these website encounter many DDoS attacks and are in danger of being banned.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser

When you are connected to the dark web ISPs, government and any other third party members will not see what you are doing on the dark web. The problem is that they will know that you are connected to the Tor browser and that is enough for some countries and governments to start keeping an eye on you and be suspicious.

That is why you will need to use a VPN together with the Tor browser. Your connection will be first encrypted by a VPN and then by the Tor Network. That means that nobody will know you are on a Tor browser.

You will need a VPN that you can trust, one that doesn’t collect logs and will not be able to snoop around what you are doing on the dark web.

We recommend using Surfshark for your VPN provider since it is a trusted VPN, that doesn’t collect logs, has fast servers and will keep you anonymous and secure.

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Guide how to access the Dark Web

  1. Get yourself a trusted VPN like Surfshark, connect to any server that would work fastest for you. You can press connect and you will be connected to the recommended one for you based on your location and how much crowded are the servers. When you connect to the VPN your traffic is encrypted and your IP address is changed, which means nobody will know this is you.
  2. Get the Tor browser. Before downloading the Tor browser make sure your VPN is running, if it is you can safely get the Tor Browser, just keep in mind to download it from the official Tor project website https://www.torproject.org. When the Tor browser is installed look for the folder and press “Start Tor Browser”. When you open the file click the “connect” button.
  3. When the Tor Browser is already installed you can go browsing now. When you open the Tor browser you will be directed to the most secure search engine DuckDuckGO. Just don’t think that this is it, you are on the dark web. No you are not, you will need to use .onion links to get there. There are Dark Web search engines that will bring you to the Dark web:

Many people think that Dark Web is meant only for illegal activities, buying guns, drugs and stuff. But don’t worry it isn’t. It is meant to build a community that could discuss, look for information, get the uncensored news and do it privately.

Just remember to use a VPN, because Dark web is a place where you can get harmed, you could be infected with malware and hackers could steal you information, accounts and sell them on the same dark web. Get Surfshark or similar VPN and stay anonymous and safe.

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