Best torrent sites for movies 2020


Best torrent sites for movies 2020

Every day is a perfect day for a movie night. Alone or with friends – doesn’t matter, the point is to lay on your bed, chill after hard work or school day and just enjoy the newly released spider man movie or some new romantic comedy. Torrenting the movie of course is the cheapest and easiest way to do so and there are so many torrent sites to choose from. Most often it is hard to choose what to watch, but sometimes we even get a headache from figuring out from where to get the movie, which torrenting site to use. 

Well, there are 5 sites that are perfect for getting that movie you want so bad. They have a wide variety of movies in high quality. They are the best in 2020 so far and ensure secure torrents. Well, at least most of them are secure, you always need to be extra suspicious about security while torrenting. 

Before we go on with the best sites for torrenting movies, let’s talk a little bit about security while torrenting. Torrenting might be harmful in a few ways: some files you download might have malware in it which will cause you a lot of trouble. Torrenting is also an illegal activity so in many countries you can get huge fines for torrenting and you really don’t want that. A way out of these threats is to use a Virtual Private Network – a VPN in simple and shorter words. 

VPN encrypts your traffic and changes your IP address. Basically it makes you anonymous and secure online. This way nobody will be able to see that you are torrenting and give you fines. 

Our top 3 recommended VPNs:

Not sure which VPN to choose? Here’s our top 3 recommended VPNs:

NordVPN ($3.99/month) – leading VPN service with thousands of servers, blazing speeds and military-grade encryption.

Surfshark ($2.19/month) – a fast VPN service that gives so much for very little: strong encryption, unlimited devices, etc.

Perfect Privacy ($8.95/month) – great Swiss VPN provider for your privacy, though comes with Swiss price tag.

Now let’s move on to the best torrent sites for movies in 2019.

Best Torrent Sites for Movies

The Pirate Bay

This is no surprise that Pirate Bay is the most popular Torrent site out there. It is no surprise since Pirate Bay has one of the biggest libraries of films in high quality. They also have secure torrent files you can trust and download calmly.

If the Pirate Bay does not work – don’t fret, here are more torrent websites alternatives.


This site has always been one of the most popular ones among movie fans. They have a huge library of high quality and resolution movies. In the site you can also find users rankings of movies, so if you don’t know what you want to watch you can look for recommendations directly on the site. 


This torrenting site has a very straightforward and informative design, a huge library of movies in HD and a neat feature that users can rate the torrent files, so if it is fake or not secure other users will let you know. 


LimeTorrents is another site perfect for getting movies. The library is huge and constantly updated with new movies, so if you want a recently released movie you can look it up there. Every torrent file also provides a lot of information like the add date or the seeder. Another cool feature is their health meter, that shows how secure the torrent is. 


Although their library is not as large as the ones mentioned above, they still have high quality and security torrents that are worth a look. They also show a lot of useful information next to torrent files such as the seeder, the date added and similar. One thing that might get you angry is the amount of advertisements on their website.

There are 5 sites that are perfect for getting that movie you want so bad. They have a wide variety of movies in high quality. They are the best in 2020 so far and ensure secure torrents.

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