How to watch the Tour De France 2020 Free live Stream from Anywhere

On June 27 – July 19, cycling fans once again will finally be able to enjoy the biggest event in cycling. Once again best cyclers will compete for being the best, by crossing France paths. 22 teams will start their journey in Nice and finish Champs-Élysées in France. There is not much time left to wait, so get your spirit ready to cheer for your favorite team. And for now we will give you a guide on how to actually watch the games, what platforms are the official streamers and what to do if you are outside of your country and the streaming platform is geo-blocked. 

Official Streams platforms for Tour De France 2020

  • France – France TV Sport
  • Italy – Rai
  • Many European countries (UK, Germany, Spain and others) – Eurosport
  • US – NBC Sports
  • Canada – Sportsnet
  • Australia and New Zealand –  SBS

How to Watch Tour De France from any country 

If you are a fan of the Tour De France it is obvious that you don’t want to miss any of the games. And if you are travelling outside of your country and  your streaming platform is geo-blocked you will need to use a VPN. 

A VPN will help you bypass geo-restrictions of many streaming platforms access content that is only available in a specific country. For example France TV Sport is only available in France, so if you are travelling to let’s say – US but still want to watch it with France TV Sports channel you just get a VPN, connect to France servers and you are good to go. 

Best VPNs for watching Tour De France:

Surfshark ($1.99/month) – a fast VPN service that gives so much for very little: strong encryption, unlimited devices, etc. You can also use the dedicated coupon code “SHARKGEEK” to get the deal.

NordVPN ($3.49/month) – the best VPN out there that will make it easy for anyone to bypass region blocks, stream favorite TV shows and also stay secure and private while doing so. You can use the coupon code “TIPSFROMGEEKS” at the checkout to grab the best deal.

Perfect Privacy ($8.95/month) – Perfect Privacy offers a good and high-quality service but it’s pretty expensive compared to most other VPN service providers.

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