July 13th – Embrace Your Geekness Day

On the 13th of July people will celebrate Embrace Your Geekness Day. This holiday celebrates all Geeks and invites everyone to embrace the geekness inside of them. Since we are also Geeks we will celebrate and want to invite you to join us. Also we want to tell you more about what is actually a Geek and why should we embrace the geekiness inside of us. Well and also how to get most of this day with some fun geeky activities. 

What is a Geek

Urban Dictionary
Urban dictionary

This is the top definition of a Geek in Urban Dictionary. It basically says that a Geek is a weird kid (a little bit antisocial) that was picked at school but in the end he owns a million dollar tech company. 

Geek definition
Geek definition

Another definition on Urban Dictionary explains it more in detail. A Geek is someone who passionately engages in one or more activities and does this in extreme level. I guess that’s why they do actually own a million dollar companies and are not popular at school since they have more interesting things to do that thinking on how to be cooler. 

The Term “geek” was invented back in the 1500s. Circus performers were called geeks, but now the term involved into being a nickname for a technical person who is very good in a specific sphere.

Why Geekines should be embraced

I could give you millions of reasons why you should not hide the geekiness inside of you and let it flourish, but I will give you few ones – the most important ones.

The term says that you are smart

Bill Gates Quote
Bill Gates Quote

Despite the fact that term geek was once used for circus performers, now it is used for very intelligent people. Just think about it, such people as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk are geeks. They are incredibly intelligent, innovative, creative and successful. And they are incredibly geeky. And many people would kill to be in their places, but many people also kill the geekiness inside of them to be the cool kids in school. It is your choice what you want to be. 

You are an early adopter of modern technology

Geeks are known to be tech savvy, and this is highly beneficial in the workplace. Since keeping up with new technologies is a crucial factor in every business, geeks are perceived as a reliable resource for the business. So being a geek means you can score more and better job offers and positions that any other. 

You are way more mature than the cool kids

Even researches show that “cool kids” are 45% more likely to get caught doing irresponsible actions than the “geek kids”. You see while geeks are busy being geeks and constructing some spaceships or reading sci-fi books, cool kids are out in the streets trying to show how tough they are and end up doing not very mature stuff. And I am not talking about all the cool kids here, you can be cool and still be a good kiddo. I’m just saying that cool kids tend to get in trouble more. 

Besides these three reasons there are such things as being knowledgeable at some specific sphere, having real friends around you who love you for who you are, geeks are dedicated, successful, oh, and there is a lot of merchandises made for geeks and a lot of geeky conventions. Also geeks are becoming kind of cool with time because of movies like spider man, so just wait a few years and you will be the cool one. 

How to celebrate Embrace Your Geekness Day

cosplay party
Cosplay party

There are many ways how to celebrate like a real geek, from hosting a cosplay to playing video games. I will tell you some of my favorite ways to embrace the geekiness.

It’s all about the costume

It doesn’t matter if you are going to work or to a party, you can wear a costume on this day. Okay don’t wear it if you work at a bank or so, or just wear it underneath your costume like a superman. I am going to be Baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy (he is my favorite). 

Baby Groot

Treat yourself

There is at least one nerdy thing we want to buy right now but always think that you don’t actually need it, you don’t have the money and so on. Well if you want it – you need. And I have a treat for you, I found some deals and shopping advice that you will love:

  • Surfshark VPN with 83% discount, it will protect you while being online let you bypass geo-restriction put on Netflix or any other streaming platforms, and if you are a noisy geek and like to get on the darknet, you definitely need it to protect yourself there. Just go to Surfshark to get it. 
  • Amazon Prime Day is coming up on July 15th and 16th, and you will be able to find big discount on video games, gadgets and many other things. There are deals that are already out there, you need to just go to amazon and check it.
  • If you are a comic book fan, In stock Trades has huge discounts going on right now, they have a lot to offer and for a decent price so go check them out. 
  • You can get some awesome gift for yourself or friends on https://awesomestufftobuy.com/gifts-for-geeks/ , they have sales and overall have pretty cheap and cool geeky stuff to buy, go check it. 

Maybe a Marvel marathon? 

Marvel movies
Marvel movies

I am a huge fan of Marvel movies, and there is a 99% chance I will spent July 13th in my cosplay costume, eating some snacks and watching all marvel movies, well I will not able to watch them all in one day but will definitely watch my favorite ones. I personally think it is a perfect day of a marvel marathon. 

To all the Geeks out there, I just wanna say that you should not be afraid to be yourself, to be original and to be a Geek. There is no shame in being a geek, you should be proud of that and embrace it. Happy Embrace your geekness Day everyone!


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