Love Island Season 5: How to watch it online

Hey Love Island fans, your favorite show is back. Season 5 has already started, we were already introduced to the Villa, to the potential couples and can’t wait to see what this season will bring us.

Love Island season is only available on ITV, which means it is only available to the UK viewers. But there is always a way how to access the show from any corner of the world.

Quick Guide How to Watch Love Island Online:

You can watch Love Island on ITV Hub, but due to the fact that is geo restricted you will need to get a VPN to watch it outside of the UK.

  • Get a VPN, we recommend Surfshark for bypassing geo-restrictions with streaming services.
  • Choose UK server;
  • Sign up to ITV Hub if you do not have an account;
  • Find Love Island and start streaming.

You can also access ITV through these streaming services:

  • Samsung TV
  • Sky Go
  • Virgin Media
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Wii

Why do you need a VPN with ITV

ITV has a large number of content in its library but it is not accessible outside of the UK. To access the platform outside of UK you will need to change your IP address and a VPN can help you do it. Just keep in mind that not all VPNs do work, because streaming platforms know that VPNs exists and they are trying to ban them working with their platforms. First of all you will need a paid VPN, since free VPNs do not work and they collect data, also you will need a VPN with fast servers in the UK and one that doesn’t collect logs and creates new servers constantly.

Best VPN for ITV


Surfshark is a high quality and security VPN. It is known to have fast servers around the globe, which is a must for streaming. Also they do not collect logs, know how to bypass different geo-restriction from Netflix to Great Firewall of China. They also support unlimited number of devices, are very user-friendly and have customer support working 24/7.


NordVPN is a well known and one of the biggest VPN providers out there and they definitely know how to maintain a high quality service. They have a huge number of servers around the globe that are both fast and secure.


These guys are not the cheapest ones, but definitely know how to do their job. ExpressVPN has many servers worldwide, are fast, secure and can keep their user anonymous online. And of course they work with many streaming platforms.

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