How to hop on the cybersecurity train right now with Domics NordVPN deal?

It’s crystal clear that true stories interest people because they show viewers something that genuinely happened in real life and is not just an imagination. Probably the famous YouTuber and animator Dominic Panganiban, better known online as Domics, has the same opinion. He generally creates animations in which he narrates stories of his life and adventures that he fortunately or unfortunately experienced. Either way, he talks about them with a unique sense of humor. Also, in his minimalist sketches, he covers more general topics like relationships, food, fears, dorms and such. Dominic also involves online security topics and states it as one of the main priorities and because of it, he recommends using NordVPN.

Domics is one of the best known animators on the platform

How to get special Domics special NordVPN deal?

In order to say thanks to his supportive followers, he shares a special NordVPN deal.
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Who is Domics? 

He started his career as a comic on Tumblr and did it successfully, but after a few years he moved to a more attractive platform – YouTube. Dominic created his YouTube channel in 2012, and right now he already has more than 7 million subscribers. He releases videos every month and practically each accumulates over a million views. Some of his videos were featured on well-known websites such as CBS News.

He was born in the Philippines but lived in many different countries like Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States. And this has a significant impact on his animated storytelling since from time to time he notes how little he knew and how difficult it was to adapt to different environments.

Why Domics think NordVPN is a right choice? 

NordVPN provides a possibility to surf the net through a secure VPN tunnel encrypted by military grade encryption method. Two recents audits conducted by third parties have lead to confirm the no-logs policy. Also, NordVPN has 5700+ servers located in 59 individual countries. Once you connect to the preferred server, you will be able to browse privately without any issues related to speeds or bandwidth limits. Not to mention an automatic kill switch feature, which prevents your data from leaking to the web. It continuously monitors connection to a VPN, and in case the connection is lost, no data will get exposed. 

The previously mentioned and many more other features NordVPN has become the main option for many other YouTubers like Use Alec Steel and PewDiePie.

NordVPN enabled
VPNs provide enhanced security

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