DirtyBiology recommends getting NordVPN – find out how to get the deal!

Léo Grasset is a famous YouTuber, who has gathered almost 1M subscribers and is known for his DirtyBiology channel. Even though the name of the channel reveals what the videos are about, it’s not exactly what you would expect. In the DirtyBiology YouTube channel, you can find lots of exciting videos that are connected to the different perspectives of biology. However, they are presented in a funny and engaging way. Léo also includes relevant world news and talks about it from the biological point of view. From time to time, in the videos, you can also hear about the importance of security while being online. Since cyber crimes are constantly increasing these days, the DirtyBiology channel recommends getting a VPN to secure yourself while surfing online.

DirtyBiology teaches you about the aspects of biology

Get the best possible deal!

DirtyBiology YouTube channel tries to occasionally educate people about how important security online is and offers a special deal to get NordVPN with a 68% discount to secure yourself online only for $3.71/month with a 2-year plan. This is why we got the same special to share with our readers!

Follow this link to apply the discount code automatically:  https://nordvpn.com/coupon/deal/?coupon=tipsfromgeeks

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Why should NordVPN be your pick?

Versatility of the product. VPN’s primary function is to secure the user while using the Internet, though NordVPN can be used for way more cases than only this. It is useful when in need to overcome geo-blocks and unlock content for Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming services. Also, it is widely used for torrenting securely, since it has two main features for it – P2P servers (they are specially dedicated for torrenting) and kill-switch feature (stops downloading the content if VPN gets disconnected, that way the user wouldn’t get exposed). Moreover, gaming lovers can enjoy great pings and fast speeds because NordVPN has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries.

Strict no-logs policy. Since we already know what other cases of NordVPN use are, let’s dig deeper into the security aspect. Before getting a VPN, it is essential to go through its logs policy, since you don’t want to give your information to just another company instead of getting secured. That’s why NordVPN has a strict no-logs policy and doesn’t store connection nor usage logs of what has been confirmed by the independent audit. Moreover, this premium VPN is based in Panama, which means that it’s outside 5 and 14 eyes alliances and doesn’t have to stick to mandatory data retention laws or other legal obligations that require it to collect user’s data.

Additional useful features. Besides all the things mentioned above, NordVPN has even more to offer. One of the extra valuable features is CyberSec that helps to avoid annoying ads, blocks harmful websites, and secures from cyber threats or malware. Moreover, it has proxy extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users that allows browsing securely by one click.

NordVPN is recommended by ADVChina and Domics to name a few YouTube personalities.

NordVPN on a smartphone

What is a Virtual Private Network?

VPN is a popular security software that is mainly used to protect the user’s internet traffic, overcome various geo and other blocks. It also has other advantages for daily use for such cases as torrenting, streaming, gaming, using securely wireless networks in public places, etc. 

Since the purpose of this tool was explained, we can now move to the explanation of how it works. Basically, it can be equated to the secret encrypted tunnel that protects user’s info coming from the device to the Internet. Not only it protects some of the personal info like IP addresses and others but also protects from intruders like an internet service provider, the government, or hackers. 

How a VPN works
How a VPN works

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