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Matthew Tye, better known online as laowhy86 or even as C-Milk for the older followers, is an American vlogger. Laowhy86 lives in China as a foreigner for many years now and is married to a Chinese woman. There are commentary videos on China along with storytime videos about his adventures in China. He also makes videos about controversies related to China such as the Mulan movie being filmed in camps or any other political topics. His channel’s name of laowhy86 comes from Chinese and can be translated to “Old Foreigner 86”. His atypic way of living has attracted many subscribers who follow his adventures. During the pandemic outbreak in March 2020, laowhy86 faced difficulties in China and this is how he gained popularity, by telling stories about China.
Laowhy86 is not without knowing that China is geo-blocking many contents. However, he found a way to bypass this law, with NordVPN, a cybersecurity software that changes IP addresses and allows to connect in different places.

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How to enjoy laowhy86 special coupon code? 

In one of his recent videos, laowhy86 explains to his followers the importance of NordVPN to watch any kind of content and also protect online data, which is important in a country like China, where spying is more common than in America or any countries. He recommends NordVPN with a coupon code that TipsFromGeeks couldn’t resist sharing. By using the coupon code you can save up to 68% on NordVPN’s 2-year plan, which is as low as $3.71/month. When clicking the link, the coupon code applies automatically. 

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What is a VPN in a few words?

VPN is an acronym for Private Virtual Network. It is a closed network of tunnels that encrypt users’ Internet traffic and protects their online data while hiding their IP address. The primary function of this technology is to allow the most confidential and serene browsing possible.
Thanks to this technology, web hackers will not have access to your IP address and will have no chance to access your data when you connect to public hotspots. 

VPNs also grew their popularity for different reasons. Indeed, it is possible to virtually geolocate and therefore access websites restricted in certain countries, as laowhy86 does in China.
It is also possible to download content with complete discretion or to access catalogs from broadcasting sites such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO in other countries.
Last but not least, with CyberSec, NordVPN’s new feature, you can block any kind of online ads. 

What makes NordVPN interesting?

  • One account features 6 devices
  • Compatible with every OS: Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android
  • Access to any Netflix catalogs, Disney+, HBO Max, and many more
  • Double data encryption for enhanced security
  • Fluidity and speed on more than 5,500 servers located in 59 countries
  • Assistance available 24/7 in different languages (French, German, Italian)

Laowhy86 was featured on ADVChina’s YouTube channel that also recommends using NordVPN alongside with AlternateHistoryHub or ExplosmEntertainment.

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