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Mark Rober’s Youtube channel focus mainly on science and engineering. Indeed, if Mark became famous, it is thanks to a video where he pranks somehow porches pirates that are stealing others packages. Beforehand, Mark Rober took the time to remove what’s inside to place a glitter bomb. With that, he wants to teach thieves a lesson and have fun at the same time, that is why he decide to film it. The videos are hilarious as we see the thiefs getting what they deserve in style.
Mark Rober always has some good advices and lessons that he likes to share with his community. When it comes to cybersecurity, Mark knows a software that helps securing data, NordVPN.

Mark Rober's Youtube banner
Mark Rober’s Youtube banner

How to enjoy Mark Rober’s special coupon code? 

In one of his recent videos, Mark Rober wishes his followers would realise the importance of online privacy and recommends one of VPN’s leaders, NordVPN.
Tipsfromgeeks has a special discount which you can get with a special coupon code. By using it, you can save up to 68% on NordVPN’s 2-year plan, which is as low as $3.71/month. Don’t worry When clicking the link, the coupon code is applied automatically. 

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What is a VPN in a few words?

VPN is an acronym which stands for Private Virtual Network. It is a closed network of tunnels, like the Internet. The principle of a VPN is to encrypt users’ Internet traffic and protect their online data while hiding their IP address. The primary function of this technology is to allow the most confidential and serene browsing possible.
Thanks to this technology, web hackers will not have access to your IP address and will have no chance to access your data when you connect to public hotspots. 

Nowadays, VPNs grew their popularity thanks to different servers. Indeed, it is possible to virtually geolocate and therefore access websites restricted in certain countries, such as certain social networks or any content.
It is also possible to download content with complete discretion or to access catalogs from broadcasting sites such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO in other countries.
Last but not least, with CyberSec, NordVPN’s new feature, you can block any kind of online advertisements. 

What makes NordVPN interesting?

  • One account is compatible with 6 devices
  • Compatible with every OS: Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Android
  • Access to the Japanese Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and many more
  • Double data encryption for enhanced security
  • Fluidity and speed on more than 5,500 servers located in 59 countries
  • Assistance available 24/7

Mark Rober is not the only Youtuber to recommend NordVPN software to stay safe online. Indeed, others like BellularGaming or FlashGitz suggest NordVPN.

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