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Derek Muller is an Australian-born Canadian who is super good at physics and math but also enjoyed filmmaking since childhood. His YouTube channel called Veritasium has almost 9 millions subscribers. If you’re interested in where does the sun gets its energy or is it possible to go insane from silence then you should definitely check out his YouTube channel. Not only you will learn something new but get a NordVPN discount too. Grab the opportunity of being safe and sound online while it’s still available.

Veritasium banner on YouTube
Veritasium banner on YouTube

How To Get a NordVPN Discount from Veritasium?

Veritasium has a special deal with NordVPN but here, at TipsFromGeeks, we did our best to get the same discount. Using the TipsFromGeeks coupon code will give you the possibility to enjoy NordVPN’s 2-year plan for just $3.71/month. With Tipsfromgeeks coupon code, you get up to 68% OFF. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Once you will click on the link you will find yourself at the official NordVPN website; a discount code will be added automatically to your purchase.

NordVPN on discount using TipsFromGeeks coupon code

What NordVPN has to offer?

Once you will obtain a subscription to NordVPN you will gain access to more than 5000 servers located in more than 60 countries.

Whenever you connect to one of the VPN servers your internet traffic will be encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard, which ensures that your data is safe on any public Wi-FI hotspot.

If you enjoy travelling and find yourself in a country where the internet is heavily censored you can easily bypass restrictions simply by connecting to a VPN server. In addition, you can also find cheaper flight tickets or other goods since retailers charge different prices in various countries for the same item and just by connecting to many different servers you might save cash.

Why is NordVPN the perfect privacy software?

  • It’s easy to use. Being pragmatic and accept easy things in life isn’t bad. It’s okay not to understand what SQL Injection or Mac address is. That’s why NordVPN did the heavy lifting for you. You can connect to a VPN server in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.
  • Your data is safe. NordVPN does not log your browsing information and does not have to — when you’re operating from Panama as NordVPN does, you’re not encumbered with mandatory data retention laws. This doesn’t exist in Panama.
  • Customer support is available 24/7. Drop into NordVPN live chat or just contact one of the agents via email. NordVPN is open forever.

Others popular YouTubers such as Mentour Pilot or Alec Steele recommend staying secure with NordVPN. Don’t wait and protect your online data.

Get the best deal with NordVPN and TipsFromGeeks

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