Here’s how you can get a VPN discount using the Rooster Teeth coupon code

Rooster Teeth is a very successful YouTube channel that currently has is soon to reach a huge milestone on YouTube with 10 million subscribers. There is little road remaining to reach this astonishing number. On their channel, you can find a large variety of videos, from podcasts, animated shows, to live-action shorts and series to gameplays. Rooster Teeth is a production company from Austin, well known for their videos. They release them frequently to satisfy those who crave entertainment. On average, you can find a video on their YouTube channel every 2 days. If you want to see more, you can check their website, RT.TV where they upload exclusive content. What’s even better is that they care about the community’s online safety, and recommend using a VPN for privacy protection. Here is what you should do to get the discount.

The YouTube Channel Rooster teeth
The YouTube Channel Rooster teeth

How to get a VPN discount with the Rooster Teeth discount?

Rooster Teeth are recommending a decent VPN provider with a good reputation. The VPN discount they offer is quite impressive which certainly is worth getting. But, some of you be interested in a better deal, which is limited in time. The provider is well-known and called NordVPN, a leader in the cybersecurity industry.  For a limited time, only you can get NordVPN discounted by 68% using the Tipsfromgeeks coupon code. By clicking the link below, the coupon code is applied automatically and so is the discount. With the coupon code, the price is decreased to $3.71 per month.

NordVPN Discount on the Order Page

What to do with a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as VPN you can secure all of your internet traffic by encrypting all of your online activities and masking the IP address your ISP provided. The IP address changes to that of the country you connect to from the VPN application. This is incredibly useful for anyone who uses public networks at cafes or airports. By keeping all this information safe no one can see what you do online and thus your data remains secure.

Apart from the obvious security benefits, you can also access any websites that may be blocked in the country you are located. These can vary from Gmail to others like Twitter or Facebook. Lastly, by using a VPN you can reach region-locked content for your favorite streaming services. Want to see a show that is only on Netflix Canada, connect to a Canadian server and the content is available.

Why should NordVPN be your first choice?

  • NordVPN upholds a strict no-logs policy, which means user activities are never monitored.
  • 6 simultaneous connections, unlimited data, and bandwidth.
  • NordVPN offers over 5300 servers in 59 different countries worldwide.
  • CyberSec – an ad-blocker that also blocks connections to malicious websites.
  • 24/7 live chat customer support for any customer questions.
  • Dark Web Monitor tool to inform you if your credentials have been leaked online.

Rooster Teeth is not the only popular YouTuber to recommend using a VPN to secure online data. Indeed, some channels like Marques Brownlee or JayzTwoCents value the use of NordVPN for their community.

NordVPN Get the Deal Now
NordVPN Get the Deal Now

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