Michael Reeves suggests getting NordVPN with his special deal!

Michael Reeves is a famous American YouTuber that already has more than 3 million subscribers. This young genius creates videos mostly related to technology, coding, and has been blending scientific experiments with humor. Since childhood, Michael Reeves was into new technologies, robots, computer coding, and experimenting with it. His playful approach to applied science has gone viral, and his most popular video is titled “The robot that shines a laser in your eye.” Besides that, from time to time, Michael includes cybersecurity topics too since its importance is getting more and more relevant. He also recommends getting a VPN in order to secure yourself while being online.

Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves blends his humor with knowledge about technology

Get the best possible deal!

Michael Reeves cares about his subscribers and their online privacy, so he suggests getting a VPN with a special discount. We care about our readers as well so we offer the same deal too. Use our exclusive deal and get NordVPN 2-years plan with a 68% discount, for only $3.71/ month.

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The monthly price is only $3.71

Why is NordVPN a good choice?

This premium VPN provider will not only encrypt your traffic and will secure you when surfing online but will also give you a hand in many other cases. It’ll help you to bypass various geo-blocks, access all the content of well-known streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC, and many more. If you’re a pirate in the heart and like torrenting, you’ll be able to do that securely with features like P2P servers and kill-switch. On top of that, NordVPN offers a strict no-logs policy, so you won’t have to worry about being monitored while online.

It is also recommended by The Game Theorists, Joueur du Grenier and many other YouTube personalities.

NordVPN on a smartphone
It is easy to secure your online privacy

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is online security software, which encrypts Internet traffic of the user and protects it from intruders such as hackers, internet service providers, and even the government. Also, it hides the user’s IP address by changing to a different one depending on the picked server, and that way helps to overcome geo-blocks. VPN is also convenient for torrenting, gaming, streaming, and using a wireless network in public places, etc.

How a VPN works
A VPN encrypts the traffic between your device and the Internet

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