Nota Bene offers NordVPN discount – discover how to get it

Benjamin Brillaud is what stands behind popular YouTube channel named Nota Bene, which already has more than 1.2 million subscribers. He always was passionate about history and audio-visual production, so one day Benjamin decided to combine both and start an educational YouTube channel. Even though for many people, history might sound boring, trust me, Nota Bene is far from that. Benjamin tries to give a fresh perspective of many historian events and topics by adding some entertaining and playful vibes. Occasionally, in videos of Nota Bene YouTube channel you can hear of the high importance of minding about your security while being online. Cybercrimes are recently increasing, that’s why Benjamin suggest getting a VPN.

Nota Bene
Nota Bene shares interesting insights about history

Use the opportunity to get the best possible deal!

Nota Bene channel tries to inform people about the necessity of taking care of your online security. We try our best to provide you with all the means necessary too, therefore we offer the same special deal for our readers. Use this exclusive deal and get NordVPN with a 68% discount, secure yourself online for only $3.71/month with a 2-year plan

Click on this link and apply the discount automatically.

TipsFromGeeks coupon code
The 2-year deal is now with 68% off

Why should you choose NordVPN?

One of the most important features regarding the security in general that this VPN has to offer is strict no-logs policy. NordVPN doesn’t log, nor the connection nor the usage logs, and is based in Panama, meaning it’s outside the 5 and 14 eyes alliances. Also, when using this premium VPN, you can torrent securely with such features as kill-switch and P2P servers, overcome Netflix proxy blocks, and other blocks of popular streaming services like Hulu, BBC and etc. Moreover, it has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries, so users that are into gaming can enjoy great pings and high speeds. 

Not convinced? NordVPN is also recommended by Michael Reeves and DirtyBiology just to name a few.

NordVPN enabled
VPN can easily improve your cybersecurity

What is a Virtual Private Network?

VPN is a widely used online security tool that encrypts users’ traffic and helps to surf online securely and anonymously. This software also changes the IP address, which helps to overcome various geo-blocks and access more content that is available in other countries. The most popular use cases besides the security are such as torrenting, streaming, gaming, also using a wireless network in public places like coffee shops, airports, etc.

VPN scheme
A VPN secures your Internet connection

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