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Science is everywhere and we can’t escape from the significance of it in today’s world. It increases our understanding of how things work around us, how they are made up and so on. Destin Wilson Sandlin is a full-time engineer who leads a YouTube channel called SmarterEveryDay. Several years ago he wanted to show his friends how to light a bonfire with rockets so he filmed a video and is still making content. He deep dives into world exploration through science, but does it in a simple and clear way for a regular viewer. From rocket science to social media manipulation, you can find basically everything on his channel. Other than that he talks how he cares about online privacy and anonymity, and recommends using NordVPN to strengthen it.

SmarterEveryDay is a great channel that covers science

How to get NordVPN’s discount?

SmarterEveryDay provides a sweet discount for everyone who believes in the rightness of using a VPN. We couldn’t ignore that fact, so we came to an agreement and got the same offer for our faithful readers. Only press on the link: This link will take you straight to a 68% off the special NordVPN 2-year deal. Keep in mind that code will be applied automatically thus you don’t need to type it manually.

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Get the discount

Who is SmarterEveryDay? 

Destin started his popular channel named SmarterEveryDay in 2006, and to present day it attracted a stunning number of subscribers, even 8M. As he states on his official website, he helps people look at the world differently. While watching his videos you can not only understand that it’s true, but also easily learn something new. How rockets are made? Which way will the water go? What happens to lasers underwater? How to help your hospital fight COVID-19? Once you visit his channel, you will find answers to every question. 

Why choose NordVPN? 

NordVPN has military-grade encryption that makes your Internet traffic anonymous even to your internet service provider. Your private data is absolutely secure as NordVPN is based in Panama which is away from EU and US jurisdiction. This means that they don’t have the legal obligations to track any data. Moreover, NordVPN has a lot of servers to choose from: over 5700+ in 59 countries. They update these numbers all the time, and allow you find the best server for your needs. 

Other prominent YouTube personalities as for instance Alec Steel and The Young Turks also support NordVPN. 

NordVPN on a smartphone
A VPN is great for cybersecurity

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