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The Modern Rogue is an educational and popular YouTube channel but in a funny way. First of all, it’s a collective activity as much as an entertaining channel, and it even has it’s code of conduct. It was created by the duo Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy. Brian is an American magician, podcaster, lecturer, comedian, author and a YouTuber – to put it short, a unique personality. Jason Murphy is the co-host of Modern rogue videos and National Geographic’s Hacking the system. He also wrote a book The Black Goat Motorcycle club, so, basically, these two are a perfect fit to host a viral independent TV series. Furthermore, they show they care for their viewers and are offering an excellent deal for privacy protection software NordVPN.

How to get NordVPN with Modern Rogue discount?

The Modern Rogue are stepping out of their way to ensure their viewers are safe from online dangers and offer a 68% NordVPN discount. That’s a significant discount, and we feel obliged to provide our readers with the same.
If you click the following link, you will receive the very same terms for your NordVPN subscription. A 68% discount for a 2-year plan so you can have some peace of mind for years to come.

Get a 2-year deal with a huge discount

Who is the Modern Rogue?

The Modern Rogue YouTube channel will teach the viewers all kinds of crazy things, like how to make a cheesecake based on a prison recipe from Orange is the new black. O such useful oratory skills like how to talk politics with your whole family, o how to speak so people would listen. But on their web page, they have a broader explanation: “The initial intent of The Modern Rogue was to become the ultimate “gentleman, warrior, and scoundrel.” It has since evolved to encompass important ideals like self-improvement and learning more about the world around us.”

Modern Rogue
Modern Rogue will test everything you want to test, but in a safe way

So you could say the Modern Rogue is a way of life. There are guidelines for expected and unacceptable behavior. So the modern rogue is expected to be an active contributor to the health and longevity of what they do. Be respectful, collaborative, refrain from demeaning and discriminatory speech, and be mindful of the surroundings and fellow participants. The Modern Rogue should not post any insulting content, racists, sexists, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language. No intimidation and stalking, or encouraging such behavior.

Why do they recommend NordVPN?

Because NordVPN also has strong ethical conduct, this service genuinely cares bout your privacy and online safety. It offers a variety of online protection features such as CyberSec, which protects against malware, trackers, and phishing. Also, you can choose one of 5800+ of their servers to change your original IP address.
The Modern Rogue are not the only ones to recommend NordVPN, it is also promoted by The Mightly Jingles and Critical Role YT channels.

VPN on a phone
A VPN will definitely improve your online security

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