15 Best TV Streaming Sites Online 2020

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15 Best TV Streaming Sites Online 2020

Each day more and more people go digital and cut cable. Cable TV is dying since everything you can find on Cable you can find online and much more. It is more convenient (much more), it has wider libraries and even costs less. We decided to pick 20 best online streaming sites for you that will make you get rid of cable and enjoy any TV show or movie you want. 

Many of the streaming service sites are geo-restricted to a specific country like the UK or US. To bypass geo-restrictions you will need a VPN, since it changes your IP address and encrypts your traffic, you can appear to be based in any country.

Our top 3 recommended VPNs:

Not sure which VPN to choose? Here’s our top 3 recommended VPNs:

NordVPN ($3.99/month) – leading VPN service with thousands of servers, blazing speeds and military-grade encryption.

Surfshark ($2.29/month) – a fast VPN service that gives so much for very little: strong encryption, unlimited devices, etc.

AtlasVPN ($1.70/month) – offers safe and high-quality services that you can use for online privacy for a budget-friendly price.


Netflix is the King of the streaming services world. First of all they have a huge library of TV shows and Movies, second of all they produce them by themselves. And people just love it, Netflix production films and TV shows are very popular around the globe. They also stream in HD and 4K Ultra HD. So if you have a big screen you will basically have a Movie theater in your home. It is also compatible with any devices, it is very comfortable to watch it on mobile and overall navigate the app and use it. It is a paid service, but you pay for the quality. Also Netflix has different libraries in different countries, so if you want to get all the content that is available on Netflix you will have to use a VPN. 

Youtube TV

Youtube has recently stepped into the TV streaming world, and made their Youtube TV services. The service is easy and enjoyable to use, you can access a lot of content in good quality. 

BBC iPlayer

BBC same ad Youtube also joined the TV streaming world and decided to be accessible online. British news and entertainment is what BBC iPlayer is all about. High quality movies, TV shows and news. The sad part is that it is only accessible in the UK, so you will need a VPN to access it.  


Hotstar is an Indian TV streamer, that is most known for streaming sports and of course Bollywood films. It has a massive library of sports, movies, shows – whatever you need. Also it is only accessible in India, but we have a guide on how to access it from anywhere here. 

Sling TV

Sling TV channels such as ESPN, AMC, CNN and Disney. It is a paid service (25$ per month), but it is cheaper than most cable TVs and it has a much wider library of content in high quality. It is also restricted to US users so you will need a VPN to watch it. 


Since PlayStation console was such a success, Sony decided to release their own TV streaming services called PlayStation Vue. It has stations such as AMC, BBC, CNN, Bravo, NBC, Disney, Discovery and the list goes on and on. High quality and huge variety – this is what we can say about PlayStationVue in short. 


This streaming site has a huge library of movies and TV shows. It might not be one of the most popular ones but it is sure worth a look at. They also show movies that are coming up soon. 

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is one of the best ways to watch TV online, it is a free service that has a huge library of movies and TV shows that are refreshed everyday. And a big number of them are of really good quality. Cinema HD is very easy to navigate, it is compatible with many devices and is safe to use. You can also look for reviews and recommendations for movies and shows and also save it to your list in order to watch it later. 


This streaming platform is designed for US citizens, since it streams almost all US channels. It is legal and safe to use it. 

GHD Sports

This streaming app is for sports lovers, you can find any sport here from Football to cricket. Sadly It is available for Androids only. 


Showbox is easily accessible both on desktop and mobile, this is why it is a good app for people who are always on the go but want to watch their favorite show or movie. It is an easy to use app, with an easy on the eye interface. It has a variety of content from old shows and movies to recent releases. 


This is quite a new app and not a very popular one (yet), but it is an easy to use app that will be a great replacement for cable TV. 

TV Player

This streaming platform is located in the UK and it offers more than 60 to choose from. It is absolutely free and the streaming quality is top notch. 


This streaming site is one of the most popular ones between the free options. It doesn’t require you to register and is very easy to use and straightforward. It has a huge library and also produces their own movies and TV shows. 

Pluto TV

It is one of the newest streaming platforms in town and it quickly became popular (currently hold over 6 million users). It is completely free to use and has a variety of shows and movies.

Cable TV is dying since everything you can find on Cable you can find online and much more. We decided to pick 20 best online streaming sites for you that will make you get rid of cable and enjoy any TV show or movie you want.

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