AT&T bans torrenting: what does it mean and how to avoid it?

AT&T is a telecommunications giant with millions of users. In the not too recent past they stated that they will proactively ban users whom they believe are guilty of copyright infringement. So far, ISPs on behalf of companies that think their copyrights have been violated sent warning letters to the accused, but almost always such correspondence was ignored. AT&T has decided to take it a step further and literally disconnect a person from the Internet if he or she were found torrenting. Imagine being disconnected from the Internet for a moment and ask yourself – is it worth the risk? Because there is a solution to this problem and a pretty efficient one.

Pirate Bay block
The Pirate Bay block

Internet Service Provider sees everything you do online

For some time, entertainment industries have been suing ISPs for not putting enough of a fight against pirates. AT&T decided to fire their cannons but at least they’ll give you a warning – 9 times can their “laws” be ignored and the 10th will be the doom of you. That means they’ll kick you off the face of the Internet.

Here we believe in an open and secure Internet and the principles of information sharing. Piracy is a gray-zone, but it is a mean of obtaining educational or entertainment material, which should be accessible to all in the first place. Greed will not find shelter on our web page, but users eager to secure their privacy online will find valuable solutions.

If you’re used to torrents but have not used a VPN before, then you’re in the risk zone. When you go online without a VPN, all of your traffic goes through ISPs servers and they can easily see where you’re going and what you’re downloading. That’s exactly what you want to avoid when using torrents.

Surfshark VPN
Protect your online privacy

Why you need a VPN?

Why you need a VPN?

First of all, a VPN masks your IP address by routing all your traffic through their servers. On top of that, all of your traffic is encrypted so no spying eyes can see what you’re up to. From this point onwards your ISP is blind to your activity online since you are not bound to the IP address they issued you in the first place.

Now you’re one click away from that TV show or computer game that was recently released. But in order to get it, your VPN provider better have some good speeds. Surfshark offers 800+ high speed servers in more than 50 countries to choose from. Furthermore, when torrenting it will automatically switch the server to their best speed one and switch back once the download is finished.

VPN recommendatios

Surfshark is by far our best recommendation because of speed-quality-price combo, but there are other reliable VPN providers to choose from. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two leaders in the market that support p2p torrenting.

  • NordVPN offers an astonishing amount of servers, 5300 in 61 countries means you’ll never run out of possible IP addresses.
  • ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in 94 countries so you’ll be torrenting all over the whole wide world.
VPN comparison table
VPN comparison table

To conclude, a VPN is of utmost importance when it comes to torrenting and protecting your privacy online. In this digital era, your browsing habits are collected and sold without your consent. Movie tickets and computer games are overpriced, thus limiting access to valuable and exciting material. VPN will allow you to access your favorite torrent sites safely and download whatever content you like anonymously.

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