The Mighty Jingles superb NordVPN discount – how to get the deal?

The Mighty Jingles is definitely my Favorited war-games YouTube war-gaming channel. And not only mine, currently the channel has 630k subscribers that enjoy the content that is being uploaded daily except Sundays. The content itself is nothing short of entertaining, The Mighty Jingles is a great tactician, and even though he’s not considered a professional player, you can learn a lot from him. He rose to fame playing World of Tanks, a free to play tank battlegrounds, a popular game by itself. Knowing a lot about dangers he’s also recommending some safety precautions – a cybersecurity software NordVPN.

The Mighty Jingles YT cover
The Mighty Jingles has really grown as a YouTube channel

How to get a 68% discount for NordVPN?

The Mighty Jingles is offering a sweet 68% discount deal for this premium virtual private network. In fact, the deal is so good that we decided we need to contribute as well and offer the same discount for our readers. Just in one small step by following this link you can get a 68% NordVPN discount for the whole 2 years. No need to write anything down, just click it and the discount will be applied immediately.

TipsFromGeeks coupon code
Just use our coupon code to get the discount

Who is The Mighty Jingles?

He is known by his many nicknames: Our Lord and saviour after Lord Gaben, the true overlord of the salt mines, Bohemianeagle, and Rear admiral jingles. But his real name is Paul Charlton, and he is a British YouTube personality. Primarily he focuses on World of Tanks and War Thunder and has released a great number of videos on these games, however, he likes to experiment more so you’ll find various names and styles there.

For example, there are 45 videos on Red Dead Redemption 2, a classic western that has received an enormous amount of awards and was so well received by the players. My personal favourite is a video on The Outer Worlds, a game made by authentic RPG game masters Obsidian entertainment with the help of Microsoft. If you like science fiction games where choices really matter, and you enjoy reading game-lore, then this game and this video are just for you.

Why should you choose NordVPN?

One of the most important things for a VPN is the server amount and quality. If you want to bypass geographical restrictions or play video games with an obfuscated IP address, then you need high speeds and good ping. NordVPN lets you choose from 5800+ servers that are of the highest quality and shouldn’t lower your ping significantly if it’s not too far away. This gives you safer gaming experience and doesn’t interfere with the session too much.

The Young Turks and Gus Johnson also recommend this service and value NordVPN for its privacy protection.

VPN on a phone
VPN is a must when it comes to cybersecurity

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