How to watch all MCU movies online (Marvel movies marathon)

Who wouldn’t love a long and fun Marvel movie marathon? We would. All the MCU movies are out there on the internet and the best way to watch it is to jump to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Now TV. This is the safest and most assuring way to watch all the movies. 

You can also torrent them, but don’t forget that you will need a VPN to do so since in many countries fines for torrenting are huge and not everybody can afford to get those. It is better to get a good VPN for a few dollars a month.

One problem with streaming platforms is that they have geo-restrictions. For example Netflix has different libraries for different countries so not all of the Marvel movies can be actually seen on Netflix for everyone.

Do not worry we will give you a solution: first, the best streaming platforms to watch MCU movies and their prices and then best VPNs to bypass platforms geo-restrictions

Best places to watch Marvel movies online 


Netflix is a good choice, heck maybe the best choice to watch MCU movies. Especially if you are based or connected to US Netflix, they have a big Marvel library. Not only does it have a huge library, but the movies are high quality. 

Netflix plans:

  • Basic – costs $8.99 a month, you can watch Netflix on one screen, it is an absolute basic plan, with limited features. 
  • Standard $12.99 a month, lets you watch Netflix on 2 screens and watch it in HD. 2 screens means 2 people can be watching Netflix at the same time on the same account. 
  • Premium$15.99 and lets you watch Netflix on 4 screens, this is ideal for large families, since all the family members can watch it on their devices at the same time. It also lets you watch shows and movies on 4K Ultra HD. 

Amazon Prime 

Amazon is another place where you can find most of the Marvel movies, it delivers high quality content at high speed, and additional perks like music, books and even free shipping deals. 

Monthly plans for Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month, and $6.49 with a student discount. Also you can get yearly plans which costs $119 per year and $59 with student discount. 

Now TV

Now TV is a reliable source to watch many of the Marvel movies, but it works only in the UK, so you will need to be based there or use a VPN and connect to the UK servers. There are a lot of different passes on Now TV, from sports to children. The one you will need is Sky Cinema Pass which has a library of Marvel movies. Now TV Sky pass costs £11.99 per month

Best VPNs for streaming Marvel movies


Surfshark is no-logging, high quality and comparably cheap VPN. It is especially good with bypassing geo-restrictions and working with many streaming platforms such as Netflix. It also supports an unlimited number of devices, which means you can share one account with your friends or family.


NordVPN is another high quality VPN, that millions of users use, due to the fact that it is able to keep their users identities secure and anonymous online. It also has thousands of servers worldwide, that are fast and are able to work with such streaming platforms as Netflix.


Perfect Privacy is one of the most expensive VPNs out there, but it is absolutely one of the best ones. It works with many streaming platforms, it is secure and doesn’t collect logs and provides fast servers worldwide.

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