Best Movies On Netflix 2021


Best Movies On Netflix 2021

Recently we talked about the best shows on Netflix, but since TV shows are sometimes too much of a commitment for people, we decided to make the best Movie list for 2021. Of course, we have a list of best TV shows on Netflix too.

We will start with the best horror movies and finish with Anime ones, they might not be the ones that you recommend personally, but they are our and actually many people favorites, so maybe you will find some inspiration for your evening movie time. Get some popcorn and let’s dive in. 

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Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a fresh take on a haunted house story

The movie Conjuring tells a story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the story is based on a real paranormal investigation. Ed and Lorraine are dealing with paranormal activities and trying to help people who are abused by unnatural things. In the movie they intend to help a traumatized family, but the Warren family discover themselves that they never have seen such darkness. The movie is terrifying but you just can’t stop watching. It is a real candy for horror movie lovers. 

Bird Box

We can call this movie a Netflix sensation. The main character – Sandra Bullock –  takes care of her 2 children and tries to relocate them in a safe camp. While they do it most humankind are blind and taken over by madness, darkness and other deadly stuff. The characters are well built, the tensions will make you stop breathing and be afraid for the main characters. It has a post-apocalyptic style and taste, so if you are a fan of such movies you will like this one. 

The Ritual 

The Ritual
The Ritual will give you shivers

The Ritual has created one of the scariest movie monsters, well at least one of the best during the past few years. The movie will give you shivers and will make you sit down and look carefully. The movie tells a story about a group of men that plan a hike that leads them to a mysterious wood. We don’t want to spoil a lot, but I think you get the idea – the forest that they enter should not be entered. This movie shows how our darkest dreams can get a reality which we cannot escape from. It is full of mystery but also full of blood and physical harm. Ritual is not an average horror movie, you need to watch it, you’ll see. 


Netflix’s horror movie Apostle

Apostle is a horrifying British folk horror movie that will even make you close your eyes in some places. If you are a real horror movie fan and are not afraid of brutal, bloody, inhumane  actions you are ready for the movie. The story is about Thomas, who finds out that her sister was taken by a religious cult and he goes to the cults island to save her. He finds out that the community has darkest secrets and rituals and punishments that will make you run as far as you can. 

Best Romance Movies on Netflix

One Day 

Still from One Day
One Day was a big hit in 2011

I guess most of you are already familiar with this movie, it was a big hit back in 2011. Well if you already saw it, this film is worth a second time, or even the 10th one. Film tells us the story of two best friends. Two best friends that always have been in love with each other, but somehow ended up with other people. The story shows the magic of real friendship and love. Movie is well built, with beautiful moments and scenes, and the actors make the movie a hit. 


Her is not a usual love story. It tells a story of a lonely man that usually sits at home playing video games. One day he decides to buy a new artificially intelligent operating system. It happens that the operating system is everything the main character is looking in a woman and he falls in love with her. The movie explores the possibility of falling in love with not a real person but rather a smart technology. It is a masterpiece that gains awards and admirers around the world, that is also shocking but weirdly relatable. 

To all the boys I’ve loved before

To all the boys I've loved before
This movie has earned critical acclaim

This movie is based on a novel with the same name, it tells a story of a teenage girl – Lara. Lara is a shy girl that is scared of love, but she loves reading romantic novels and writing love letters to all the boys she has ever had a crush on. One day all the letters get out and Lara needs to face the reality, stop being shy and start enjoying and experiencing the love and even finally stop being afraid of love and make the love letters a reality. It is a beautifully made movie, with sometimes awkward and relatable scenes, that will make you laugh and cry. 

Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane
One of the many takes on Jane Austin

This is a film where Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy show the story of a famous writer Jane Austin. It is a love story that further had influence on the famous writer’s books and character. It is a heartwarming story, it shows the deep and meaningful love of two young fellas and how you should fight for it. 

Best Action Movies on Netflix

The Dark Knight 

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is considered being the best Batman movie up to date

This is heads down one of the best superhero movies ever made. And Heath Ledger with his acting and how he gets into the role makes it worth an award (which he got, sadly after his death, but it was the first time a superhero movie got an Oscar and not even the hero, but the villain). The Dark Knight is a movie about a well known superhero – Batman and his fight with the Joker. I will not be ashamed to say that this movie is the best ones out there telling the story of this iconic couple. 

Avengers: Infinity war

Avengers: Infinity war

I don’t think that we need to explain to you why this movie is amazing and should be seen by everyone. Well first of all it has so many movie stars in it that it is shocking how the directors managed to control them all and make such a masterpiece. It has all of the favorite MCU superheroes from spider man to Captain America. It is super fun to watch them all meet and try to save the whole world, it’s exciting to watch how all of their powers and strengths join to save mankind. 

The Fast and Furious

The Fast and Furious
The Fast and Furious is beloved by many

Fast and Furious series started way back in 2001 and it has become one of the most popular watched action movies. It is a street racing and crime saga, that has everything in it: bromance, romance, beautiful girls and of course beautiful cars, crime, a lot of action, speed, fighting and celebrating. It is an action movie that will make your heart beat intensify and you won’t be able to stop watching and craving for more. 

National Treasure

National Treasure
This movie is a national treasure itself

This is also a well known movie, especially for those who secretly want to go treasure hunting, solving riddles and finding gold. The story shows the life of Benjamin Franklin Gates and how he discovers that there is a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin is a treasure hunter and this would be his most major treasure he would be able to discover. The movie is full of action, full of running, solving riddles, looking for clues, fighting the bad guys.

Best Dramas on Netflix


Zodiac is the best movie about a serial killer out there, the film isn’t absolutely based on the story of a serial killer that has never been caught, but it represents the stress, provocation and darkness of the case. The main character (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a cartoonist that gets obsessed with solving the riddles left by zodiac and finding the serial killer and forgets everything else in his life. The movie is intense, darkly funny and sometimes shocking and terrifying.  

The Master

The Master
Joaquin Phoenix is amazing in this movie

The Master is a Drama movie released in 2012, it is about a man – Freddie, who is a World War II veteran and struggles to go back into a normal life. He drinks, he fights and just tries to forget all the war pain he was going through. He meets a guy – Lancaster, who is a leader of a religious group and tries to help Freddie. This Drama isn’t for everyone, it has deep meanings and open space left for your interpretations. But if you do like such dramas, it will leave you amused and will make you think about life a lot. 


Roma is definitely a masterpiece of black and white

Roma is called a masterpiece. The filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron digs deep into his soul for this movie which replicates its childhood from the eyes of a domestic worker. It shows the story of a middle class Mexican family, who starts to fall apart. The viewer becomes an objective viewer and this makes the movie a masterpiece, the movie becomes heartbreaking every second, since the viewers gets emotionally involved into the lives of the family. Roma is the best Netflix original movie to this day. 

Best Comedies on Netflix


50/50 plays with the line between comedy and drama. It tells a story of a man who gets cancer and how he goes through all the stages from denial to acceptance. The movie is both dramatic and both funny, it shows how to find humor in hard life periods, it shows that you cannot change your situation, but you can choose how to deal with it. 


If you like mafia movies, this is for you. This is a goofy crime comedy, that has such actors in it as Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Farina, Vinnie Jones and others. These guys sure know how to be gangsters and steal a diamond. It is super funny, with wicky plot twists and with a unique visual style comedy that you will definitely love. 

Burn After Reading

Another comedy with Brad Pitt, this one is about two fitness trainers who find this with top secret (at least they think so) information and tries to get money from it. Their attempt to get some cash leads to a series events from murder to even going to the Russian government. It is funny to watch the naive ambitions of the main characters, it is unexpected and both dark and funny. Oh and going back to Brad Pitt – this is his most successful acting in a comedy movie. 

Best Documentaries on Netflix

Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy tapes
Ted Bundy tapes will surely give you chills

Ted Bundy is one of the most known serial killers, his story attracted millions of viewers. Ted was a charming law student and looking at him you would not say what a monster he is. It was easy for him to find victims since he managed to charm women easily. Ted Bundy didn’t commit his crimes, it seems that he didn’t accept that he did it. But he did make an interview talking about the serial killer as a third person, not him personally. The movie shows the tapes of the interview and interview people who knew Ted. It dives into understanding the personality of Ted Bundy, into analyzing how he managed to manipulate so many people and attract so many women even when he was on trial. After some time the Ted Bundy tapes movie was released, Netflix also released a movie called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, when Zac Efron takes the part of Ted Bundy and Lily Collins takes the part of Ted Bundy loved one. The movie shows the story from Ted girlfriends eyes. 


This documentary looks at the problem of mass imprisonment of minorities. It shows that even thought the country has moved from slavery they found another way how to control the minorities. The movie concentrates on showing the cultural racism of Afro-Americans and how the prisons were filled by them, not only because of cultural reasons but also financial ones. The prisons needed to be kept full and the Afro-Americans were the victims of this government problem. It didn’t matter if you did something or not, you could go to jail. It’s a shocking and heartbreaking documentary that everybody must definitely watch. 


Icarus is a breathtaking documentary

It’s an insane movie full of action. Icarus began as a project when one cycler wanted to go on a doping regime and participate in a Haute Route and see how the dopamine can help him beat himself. He gets in contact with Russian dopamine expert, he suddenly gets involved in the biggest dopamine scandal since his “Russian dopamine friend” is the mastermind behind Russians doping in the World Olympics in Sochi. It is a shocking story and thrilling, that Russians weren’t very happy about. 

Best Anime on Netflix

Miss Hokusai 

Miss Hokusai
Miss Hokusai is an emotional anime movie

Miss Hokusai movie was directed by Keiichi Hara and released in 2015. Miss Hokusai was first created as a historical Japanese Manga and then adapted into a movie. It tells the story of Katsushika Ōi – the artist who worked in the shadow of her father Hokusai. It is a beautifully made emotional film about the relationship of a painter and her father and how the women worked in Father’s shadow. 


Blame! is a science fiction movie created in 2017. It is based on a popular manga series with the same name. It is a dark sci-fi movie that shows how automation can go wrong. It shows the future where self replicating robots have taken over the world and aim to eliminate all humankind. The main character Killy is looking for a lost gene which could save humankind. This movie and well created character will give you chills and post-apocalypse atmosphere will both scare and you and both capture your attention.  

Naruto Shippuden: The Movie

Naruto Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden is one of the most popular action anime

Naruto Manga is one of the most popular ones out there and it had a successful 15 year run. Gladly as soon as it ended, a movie came out. The movie isn’t as in-depth as the manga, but it surely answers all the questions that were left unfolded in the manga series. The movie shows why so many people are in love with Naruto. It is funny and full of action- you will fall in love with Naruto and become a fan. 

In this corner of the world 

In this corner of the world
A sensitive movie about the horrors of war

This movie shows how people are living during the war, not the warriors but regular people who deal with the consequences of war. This movie shows the story of 18 years old Suzu, who moves from her in Hiroshima city and marries a man – Kure. As she tries to settle into her new life the war slowly influences their lives, leading to food shortages and other horrors that humanity faces during the war.  This is a story that dramatically shows the horrors of war and how ordinary people deal with it.

Recently we talked about the best shows on Netflix, but since TV shows are sometimes too much of a commitment for people, we decided to make the best Movie list for 2020.

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