How to Watch Chernobyl Online for Free

After a huge popularity of Game of Thrones and a disappointing end of the show, HBO has released a new hit TV show – Chernobyl. It has become one of the highest rated and one of the most popular TV shows around the globe. It is even higher rated than Game of Thrones. Nice job, HBO.

So due to the popularity of this show and the excitement everybody has to watch it we put a guide on how to watch it online for free.

Chernobyl TV show
Chernobyl TV show

Watch Chernobyl for free

The show itself is the production of HBO and Sky, so it is not a surprise that these two streaming platforms are the best way to see Chernobyl as soon as it airs. Good news talking about HBO is that they have different subscriptions with different prices and even have a money back guarantee, which means you can watch it for free. HBO will be the one streaming Chernobyl as soon as it airs- June 3 at 9 pm, ET 6pm PT.

Sky and HBO
Sky and HBO

Talking about Sky Atlantic, they will air the show on June 4, 9pm. It is still a good option because you will get a high quality stream. Sky Atlantic is a little bit expensive, but they offer 7-day free trial so you will be able to watch the final show for free.

Bad news is that HBO only works if you are in the US, and Sky Atlantic if you are in the UK. That’s why you will need a VPN to bypass geo-restriction put on these platforms.

Best free VPNs for watching Chernobyl

Before I introduce best VPNs for streaming Chernobyl, I will just say that these VPNs aren’t free, but they have a money back guarantee, so after watching you can just get your money back.

  • Surfshark. Has fast servers in UK, US and all around the globe. Works well with HBO, Sky and many other streaming platforms, doesn’t collect logs and are easy to use. They also support unlimited number of devices so you can share one account with your family/friends.
  • ExpressVPN. Has many fast servers worldwide, collects no logs and works well with streaming and bypassing geo-restrictions.
  • IPVanish. Easy to use VPN, doesn’t collect logs, works well with bypassing geographical restrictions.

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