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Have you ever fell victim to a scam? Maybe it was a fake call from your bank asking for credentials. Or some villains are pretending to be the police asking you to transfer money. Even though this sounds ridiculous at times, such scams, sadly, are going on and sometimes successfully. Scammer Payback is a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to a noble cause — to debunk scams and help bring awareness to people. You’ll find Scammer Prank calls videos, Granny catching scams, scammer news, and more worthwhile attention. It also recommends protecting yourself online with NordVPN, with a coupon code on top!

How to enjoy the Scammer Payback NordVPN coupon code?

Scammer Payback channel knows a lot about online dangers and the importance of cybersecurity. That’s why they decided to recommend NordVPN. Because we want our readers to enjoy online protection with privacy software too, we have a coupon code that also gives a discount. Using our coupon code, you can get NordVPN with 68% OFF, which will lower the cost to just $3.71/month for a 2-year plan. 

Follow the link above and the coupon code will be entered automatically. Nothing to do, just relax and enjoy NordVPN at the best price!

Tipsfromgeeks and Scammer Payback offer the possibility to get a nice NordVPN discount

How does NordVPN protect your online traffic?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s a cybersecurity software developed with privacy protection in mind. It works by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and one of its servers, and then reroutes all data-flow through the chosen server. Additional encryption assures that no third party can lay their eyes on your browsing activities, and rerouting through a secured server prevents confidential data leak. Even though protecting yourself takes more than just using a VPN, investing in it will make you a much harder target for cybercriminals, especially when you can protect yourself with a discount!

What else does NordVPN offer?

NordVPN has many benefits, so let me go step by step over the most important:

  • NordVPN offers 5,500+ high-speed servers in 59 countries to choose from;
  • Turn on CyberSec feature for malware and phishing protection, which also disables annoying ads and trackers;
  • Military-grade encryption will ensure your data remains secure and private;
  • Share it with your friends and save even more;
  • Compatible with all kind of Operating Systems and browsers;
  • 24/7 customer support team will help you with any issues you may encounter.

Picking a cybersecurity service is a serious decision, best done with trustworthy opinions. Scammer Payback is not the only one to recommend NordVPN. I follow a few YouTubers like Veritasium to stay up-to-date with Science and Mr. Sunday Movies to know everything about movies that also recommend the privacy software.

Get online protection at the best price with NordVPN

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