Where to Watch Stranger Things Season 3

Tomorrow is a big day for America – they are celebrating their Independence Day and it is a huge holiday in America. Tomorrow is also a huge day for the whole world since stranger things season 3 is finally coming out. The TV series produced by Netflix has conquered millions of hearts and we imagine that they are super excited for tomorrow the same as we are. 

Stranger Things Meme
Stranger Things Season 3

When is Stranger Things coming out

After so much time spent waiting Stranger Things are finally coming out tomorrow (July 4th) at midnight. 

Stranger Things Release
Stranger Things Release

Where To Watch Stranger Things

The official streamer of Stranger Thing as you may already know is Netflix. And good news that Stranger Things will be available in every country Netflix library. If you do not have a subscription for Netflix you can get it now for $7.99. Also you can get a free trial of Netflix for a whole month and after watching the Stranger Things (which you will probably do in one night) you can just cancel the subscription and that is it. 

You can also get Stranger Things on such sites as Putlocker or Moviecafe, or just use torrents. Just be careful because such site especially during the time when such iconic TV shows comes out has many ads, could buffer a lot and even infect you with malware. And what deals with torrenting you might get copyright infringement fines. To avoid getting infected by malware, to block ads and be anonymous while torrenting we recommend using Surfshark. 


Surfshark is a VPN, that makes your connection online secure and anonymous, this means nobody will be able to snoop around your activity online and for example don’t catch you torrenting. VPN also helps to bypass geo-restrictions such as put on Netflix libraries, or in China on different news, social media channels. In addition Surfshark blocks ads, protects you from trackers and malware. It supports an unlimited number of devices, has always working customer support and has high speed servers around the globe. Visit Surfshark homepage for more info about the service and prices here.


That is it for today, we hope you will have a great time watching the amazing Stranger Things and here is the trailer to get you hyped once more:

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