Why Linus Tech Tips use a VPN? 4 use cases

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Why Linus Tech Tips use a VPN? 4 use cases

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian personality and a YouTuber, owning five YouTube channels, with the most popular and best known being Linus Tech Tips. The channel has gathered over 15.4 million subscribers! Linus Tech Tips is ranked one of the 5th most watched tech channels on YouTube and is the second most subscribed technology related channel. In his videos Linus reviews smartphones, laptops, various gadgets and more. He also does unboxing videos, reviews hardware and builds PCs. Linus Tech Tips recommends using a VPN service for many reasons, and he even landed a VPN sponsor for his videos. We tried calculating how much money does Linus makes, so read our article if you’re interested.

Linus has numerous use case scenarios as to why everyone should use a VPN and why it’s needed.

Unblock restricted content

Linus Tech Tips VPN use cases 

Accessing region blocked content

Using a VPN is crucial if you want to access geo-restricted content. Most websites and streaming services see your original location via your IP address and show you certain content (Netflix library, BBC, Amazon, etc.), while other websites might give you the old ‘Unavailable in your location’ message. That can easily change with a VPN. You just connect to another country’s server and virtually change your location as well as your IP. Now, the websites and streaming services think that you’re in an entirely different country and will show you different content. For example, US Netflix has more TV shows and movies available than in other countries, some websites are only accessible in certain countries and you cannot access them from anywhere else. 

Logging into internal services like your workspace or your school’s or university’s library

This case is a bit different, as usually your workplace or educational institution will provide you with an internal VPN that it uses. Paid VPN providers are not an option here, as you are given a username and password for the internal VPN that you can use to access what you need off campus or working remotely or from home. These are usually just proxies that change your IP but do not encrypt or secure your Internet traffic. 

Encrypting your Internet traffic when torrenting

P2P and torrenting activities rarely are legal or encouraged in numerous countries due to possible copyright violations, DMCA and more. Even certain VPN providers do not let users to use their service for torrenting. However, there are dozens of VPN services that let users torrent securely and even have their own P2P servers or various settings that are crucial for those who download content via torrents. 

Linus Tech Tips - airlines hate him
Linus gives tips on how to get cheaper flight tickets

Using a VPN to get cheaper flights

You can save thousands of dollars if you travel. With the help of a VPN and get the best possible price for your flight. You can trick the website’s algorithm and get cheapest flights online easily. Linus himself states that it’s a trial and error method to see which location shows you the best price. Though he himself showed an example how he got cheaper flight tickets when booking them from the destination country. Just change your IP address, check the flight ticket websites online a few times and you will see the prices differ. 

There are other use cases for VPNs, as you can use it for secure browsing when traveling, staying private when using public wireless networks at airports, hotels, coffee shops, accessing Google or other websites in restricted countries such as China and so on. Linus also says that faster Internet speeds can occur when browsing popular websites such as YouTube at peak times too. Linus Tech Tips offers getting a VPN with a discount too, as they are now more affordable than ever.

Our top 3 recommended VPNs:

NordVPN ($2.99/month) – leading VPN service with thousands of servers, blazing speeds and military-grade encryption. For limited time everyone getting the 2-year plan will also receive a gift — 3 months extra!

Surfshark ($1.99/month) – a fast VPN service that gives so much for very little: strong encryption, unlimited devices, etc.

AtlasVPN ($1.70/month) – offers safe and high-quality services that you can use for online privacy for a budget-friendly price.

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian personality and a YouTuber. Linus has numerous use case scenarios as to why everyone should use a VPN and why it’s needed.

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