Boogie2988 recommends using NordVPN – find out how to get the exclusive deal

Boogie2988 is a famous YouTube channel that was created by Francis, who’s also known as Boogie. He has already gathered more than 4.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. In his videos, he has lots of characters, though the most known one is the raging gamer, Francis. He makes comedy sketches, talks about video game-related news, articles, and finds him playing video games, sometimes reviewing games, etc. Although he has some not game-related content too, he creates vlogs and gives advice on various life topics. Basically, either you’re looking for entertaining content related to gaming or some exciting content for making your life better, Boogie2988 is a perfect choice for you. From time to time, Boogie in his videos, includes a cybersecurity topic, since various cyberattacks are increasing. In order to surf online securely, he suggests using NordVPN.

Boogie is one of the best known streamers among the gaming community on YouTube

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Boogie2988 channel tries to spread the awareness of how crucial it is to be online securely. We also try to do our best and provide you with valuable information and other necessities regarding cybersecurity. That’s why we offer the same special deal for our readers too. Use this special NordVPN deal with a 68% discount and surf online securely for only $3.71/month with a 2-year plan

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Reasons to get NordVPN!

First of all, this premium VPN offers a strict no-logs policy, meaning it doesn’t store neither usage nor connection logs, which was confirmed by an independent audit. It’s also based in Panama, meaning it’s not part of 5 and 14 eyes alliances, so it doesn’t have to obey the mandatory data retention laws.

Also, NordVPN has such features as kill-switch and P2P servers that will allow you to torrent securely. Moreover, it’s one of the very few VPNs that work with Netflix and other well-known streaming service providers like Hulu, BBC, Amazon Prime, etc. Not to mention that it has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries and offers 6 simultaneous connections.

Other known YouTube personalities like Michael Reeves and Nota Bene also recommend using this product for better privacy.

NordVPN enabled
Having a VPN increases your online security

Why get a Virtual Private Network?

Its primary purpose is to secure the user online by encrypting its internet traffic, though this is not the only reason you should get it. Depending on the features, VPN can be very useful when streaming and in need to unblock geo-restricted content for such popular streaming service providers as Netflix, BBC, Hulu, etc. Also, it helps to torrent securely, can be used for gaming, and using a wireless network in public places like coffee shops, libraries, airports, etc. 

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