Internet Comment Etiquette offers coupon code for NordVPN deal

Well, finally it’s time for my favorite YouTuber ever – Erik. Erik Hoffstad is an American comedian who went viral with his YouTube channel called Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik. No one can argue with the fact that Erik is the most hilarious guy on YouTube. In his channel, he shares sarcastic tips on how to post ‘respectful’ comments on a wide range of popular websites, online communities, and media content in accordance with their respective rules. Even if he teaches ‘the etiquette’, his own comments are mostly vulgar, rude but always funny. ‘Proper’ comments are not the only topic Erik cares about. He often says how important is to protect our identities online and for that he recommends using NordVPN with a coupon code.

Internet Comment Etiquette YouTube channel cover
Internet Comment Etiquette provides its viewers with hilarious content

How to get NordVPN coupon code for a special deal?

I can’t think of any other YouTuber that has such a loyal fan group. Erik cares about his subscribers, that’s why he shares a special NordVPN deal.
Tipsfromgeeks has a NordVPN discount which allows you to enjoy the service for $3.71 per month which is 68% OFF the regular price. This is what you can get when you enter the coupon code. No need to type in the coupon code manually, it will be entered automatically.

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Who is Erik Hoffstad and what is his channel about?

On February 19th, 2009, the first episode of Internet Comment Etiquette made its premiere on the LetsGOtoCLASS channel. In this video, Erik showed how to leave a ‘graceful’ comment on a video of some man sharing his recipe for roasted chicken. Sounds pretty normal, right? But everyone knows that Hoffstad almost always ends up posting the rudest comments, which makes his videos hilarious and very entertaining to watch. 

In 2015, Erik finally started a new YouTube channel specifically for the show. Till this day, the channel has been constantly growing and at the moment, it has almost 1 million subscribers. He gained some popularity with several viral videos, but I think he’s still criminally underviewed. Who doesn’t want to see how an adult is trolling media platforms like a drunk teenager at night? 

Why is NordVPN Erik’s choice?

NordVPN offers a variety of different servers  –  Onion, Double VPN, P2P/Torrenting and so on. Also, it has one of the biggest server pools – over 5000+ in total, located 62 countries all around the globe. Most importantly, it has a strict no logs policy, which means that the VPN never logs or monitors what you’re doing online, so you can be sure that your online activities are completely anonymous.

The Young Turks, Gus Johnson and other well known YouTube personalities support this VPN service provider.

NordVPN is an easy way to increase your online privacy

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