Internet historian offers a NordVPN discount – get the special deal easily

Internet historian is probably the most famous YouTuber who creates educational videos focused on internet history, which is pretty clear from the title, right? To be more specific, he explains memorable events that happened and enlightens subscribers about them. There are lots of various videos on his YouTube channel, so that he surely has a lot to talk about. Not to mention his exclusive mark – Hide the Pain Harold memes on almost every video thumbnail. Furthermore, he decided to express his concern about security and online privacy, that’s why he uses NordVPN himself and offers a discount for everyone who is concerned too.

How to get the special deal for NordVPN?

In order to show his gratitude for the audience, Internet historian shares an exceptional coupon code. We also jumped in and got an offer of the same value for our readers. Our offer will give you a similar discount which is 68% off the special NordVPN’s 2-year deal. Although the discount is flat, it doesn’t require much effort to receive it. Just click on this link and the discount coupon code will be applied automatically at the checkout.

TipsFromGeeks coupon code
Use the coupon to get a discount

Who is Internet Historian?

As I’ve already mentioned, Internet historian creates informative videos on his YouTube channel on internet trends or events that occurred and drowned in a sea of information. He created his channel and uploaded the first video in 2017. In comparison with other successful influencers it’s not a long period, but he already brought a community of 2.23M subscribers, and I guess this number speaks for itself. 

He analyzed the failure of Fyre festival and the Y2K apocalypse, released a parody of the television series Unsolved Mysteries investigating the Balloon Boy incident, etc. His sophisticated tone of speaking when discussing comic stories makes even humorous experience for viewers. 

Internet Historian
Internet Historian is there for you to explain memorable

Why NordVPN? 

NordVPN offers one of the biggest server pools, with 5700+ unique servers located in 59 countries. Also it has special servers like Double VPN, Obfuscated, Onion over VPN, P2P, etc. These impressive numbers and a broad collection of other advanced features, such as ad blocking and a strict no-logs policy makes it a reasonable selection for many people.
Gus Johnson, Phil DeFranco and other popular YouTubers support NordVPN as the right VPN choice.

NordVPN enabled
A VPN is a must if you want better online privacy

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