AstronoGeek has a NordVPN deal – how to get it?

AstronoGeek is a YouTube channel which is all about astronomy. To make it more popular to the general public French scientist Arnaud Thiry publishes videos related to this theme. With Arnaud you will forget what is a classic YouTuber and how boring science can be. By combining his past experience as a school teacher with his broad knowledge he creates engaging videos. Pedagogy definitely helped him since he clarifies topics so obviously that even a five years old kid would understand. Apart from it, he constantly uploads vlogs where he discusses more common subjects, for example, cyber security threats and recommends how to keep away from them by using tools like NordVPN.

How to get a discount for NordVPN?

AstronoGeek is sharing his dedicated deal across the internet which is pretty amazing. We wanted to surprise our public so we did that too – got the same coupon code which grants you a discount of 68% on the 2-year NordVPN plan. One click on the link and the discount will be applied immediately. Enjoy! 

TipsFromGeeks coupon code
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Who is AstronoGeek?

On AstronoGeek channel he mostly talks about astronomy, basically the mysteries of the Universe like why rings exist and what will the end of the world look like. He also publishes weekly vlogs and unboxings. At the beginning he managed to reply to every inquiry and email he received so he identifies interaction with people as the main reason how he built this huge audience of 621 thousands subscribers.  

Arnaud stopped his previously created channel about photography (because not everyone does photography) and devoted himself to this YouTube channel full time. Although it requires a lot of work and preparation, he is very happy to be able to make a living from his YouTube channel and doesn’t want to stop at all. 

AstronoGeek gives astronomy lessons

Why is NordVPN an optimal choice?

NordVPN is based on state-of-the-art security standards which serve the highest security quality, and protects traffic with military-grade encryption. Also, NordVPN has no data bandwidth limitations, which means that users can use the internet in the same way after connecting to a server. Moreover, it helps bypass popular streaming services like Netflix and HBO blocks no matter where you are. Not to mention other features like double VPN, 24/7 live customer assistance, ease of use and others. 

NordVPN is also strongly recommended by other popular creators of YouTube like The Mighty Jingles and Alec Steele.

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Improve your cybersecurity by getting a VPN

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