Limited time NordVPN discount provided by Hat Films

Hat Films is an English comedy and gaming YouTube channel run by three buddies — Ross, Alex, and Chris. Together they cover various content like gaming, short films like their yearly favorite – Making Pancakes in a Warzone, and many more. On top of all that, they play Minecraft, GTA 5, and even host their own Minecraft servers all while singing crazy songs. All of this sounds absolutely incredible and easy to understand why they have been able to shine this bright in the vast ocean that is the internet.
However, from time to time they do cover serious topics, one of them being cybersecurity. This is why they use NordVPN and recommend everyone to use it. With NordVPN you can forget any online danger and enjoy the internet as it should be. As a bonus, Hat Films also have prepared a NordVPN discount code to grab NordVPN for a far lower price than their usual fee.

Hat Films YouTube Banner
Hat Films YouTube Banner

How do you get the NordVPN discount?

What you would need to do is head over to their YouTube channel and grab the coupon code link for it to apply. Luckily Tipsfromgeeks have acquired the same code which you can use directly from this article. Just click the button below!
By using this coupon code you get a 72% discount on NordVPN’s 2-year plan. This is as low as $3.30 per month and you get 3 months FREE on top! Everything is applied automatically, you don’t have to move a finger.

NordVPN Order Page With The Tipsfromgeeks coupon added

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is one of the best ways to keep you and all of your online data secure. With a VPN you can encrypt all of your internet data and keep your ISP or other services from seeing what you do online. This ensures that no one apart from you knows what websites you visit, what items you buy, or what videos you decide to watch.
VPN can also allow you to reach region-locked websites. For example, if you travel to China and want to reach Google, you will run into issues as it is blocked there. Here is where the VPN shows up to help. By connecting to a server anywhere else in the world, Google will once again be available like nothing ever happened.

Why do Hat Films recommend NordVPN?

  • Military-grade encryption;
  • No logs policy that is audited yearly;
  • Based in Panama which allows them to uphold their no logs policy;
  • More than 5000 servers in 59 countries.
  • CyberSec – a great addition to the VPN that allows it to block ads;
  • Dark Web Monitor tool which warns you if your data has been leaked online;
  • 24/7 Live chat support in native English, French and German;
  • Incredibly fast servers.

NordVPN is also supported by PewDiePie and Veritasium well known YouTube personalities.

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