Magyarósi Csaba offers a NordVPN coupon code — don’t miss this catch!

Magyarósi Csaba is a popular Hungarian YouTube personality with more than 320k subscribers in his channel. Magyarósi creates content regarding several topics — traveling, smartphone related trends and news, also about other technology related topics. Besides making videoblogs on YouTube channel, he is also owner of several blog websites where he also shares information about the listed topics. Even though Magyarósi Csaba is from Hungary, you can still find some of his videos in english too. So, if you’re looking for entertaining and interesting videos, his channel is an excellent pick for you. Occasionally, Magyarósi Csaba also talks about online security and in order to increase it suggests getting a NordVPN with his exclusive discount.

YouTube cover used by Magyarósi Csaba
YouTube cover used by Magyarósi Csaba

Use Magyarósi Csaba coupon code to get a NordVPN discount

Don’t take your online security for granted, take Magyarósi Csaba’s exclusive discount and increase it right away.
Tipsfromgeeks managed to get the same offer for the same price. By using the Tipsfromgeeks coupon code, you can get NordVPN with a 68% discount and use the Internet securely for only $3.71/month with a 2-year plan. The coupon code is applied automatically if you follow the link below.

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Why is NordVPN a great option?

This premium quality VPN is a good pick for security reasons and other perks. First of all, it is based in Panama and is outside 5 and 14 eyes alliances, so it doesn’t have to obey the mandatory data retention laws or other legal obligations required to collect users’ data. That is why it can offer a strict no-logs policy and will not store connection and usage logs; also, the nice touch is that an independent audit has confirmed it.

Regarding other perks, it has P2P servers and a kill-switch that will allow you to torrent securely. Moreover, NordVPN can overcome Netflix proxy blocks and works with other streaming services like Hulu, BBC, Disney+, and others. Besides all that, it has more than 5000 servers in over 60 countries and offers 6 simultaneous connections.

Wondering what is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network is an online security tool that helps to protect the information coming from a users’ device to the internet. Also, it encrypts internet traffic and allows users to surf online anonymously and securely. Depending on a VPN service provider’s features, it can also be used for streaming, gaming, torrenting, or even traveling.
You can bypass geo-restrictions as they exist in some countries. Thanks to this feature, you can stay connected wherever you are, even in some countries where censure exists.

Biographics and Veritasium suggest using NordVPN to keep your data secure when online browsing.

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