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If you are familiar with Youtube today, you have most probably seen that ASMR is gaining in popularity. For those who don’t know, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is the euphoric tingling sensation people felt in response to certain visuals and sounds. The tingling often begins in the head, shoulders, or spine before spreading to other areas of the body, ultimately creating a blissful sense of relaxation.
Before hoping in the industry as she calls it, Gibi watched ASMR videos by accident before she realised that some sounds and movements made her feel relaxed.
In her channel created in June 2016, she does more than ASMR, with some variety of videos from role-plays, to makeup, to cosplay and to original characters!

As we live in a stressful environment, ASMR can help many people and I believe will keep relaxing those who need it. If you didn’t try it yet, I invite you to take a look at her videos where you will be one of 3 millions listening to her. It would be unfortunate to fell stressed because your data is not safe. Thanks to Gibi ASMR, you can get a coupon code for NordVPN, an encryption powerhouse, to secure your data.

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How to get Gibi ASMR’s coupon code for NordVPN? 

Gibi ASMR does more than just whisper in a microphone. As she cares for her community, she gives some useful tips on staying secure online at all times. She recommends using an encryption powerhouse such as NordVPN.
Tipsfromgeeks offers a special discount. Indeed, if you use the coupon code, you can get 65% OFF the 2-year plan for just $4.13/month. To get the deal, just click on the link below. Don’t worry, the coupon code is applied automatically.

Get 65% OFF NordVPN's plan with tipsfromgeeks coupon code
Get 65% OFF NordVPN’s plan with tipsfromgeeks coupon code

What is a VPN made for?

The word VPN flourishes on the web but its use remains unclear for the public. Indeed, for the public, this tool is used only for online security professionals. 
A VPN is a private network of tunnels through which information passes through a private server. This server receives information by encrypting it, to guarantee double military-type encryption that will mask the IP address. With this masking, online anonymity is guaranteed and data is protected. With NordVPN, you won’t stress about being hacked or having your data stolen.

By choosing a country other than the one you are in, you virtually relocate yourself. Some countries have put in place such measures, which sometimes need to be circumvented. Because of this rule, many people can’t access online content.
To counteract these unpleasant methods, it is common to use the change of IP address when connecting through a server located abroad. With a few clicks, it is possible to change its location and select a server from the 5,500 available and access all the blocked content of your choice.

Why choose NordVPN?

There are several reasons that have made NordVPN the leader in the cybersecurity industry. Let’s review their main features together.

  • Possibility to use 6 devices on the same account
  • Kill switch disconnects the internet when NordVPN interrupts without authorization
  • 5500+ servers in 59 different countries
  • Unblocks foreign catalogs on Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and HBO Max
  • Compatible with different operating systems like macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and web extensions.
  • No retention of connection logs
  • Double encryption of your data
  • $4.13/month using Tipsfromgeeks coupon code

Other popular influencers such as DemolitionRanch or Mark Rober recommends to use NordVPN to stay away from hackers and protect your data.

Get the best VPN deal with Tipsfromgeeks
Get the best VPN deal with Tipsfromgeeks

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