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Do you like gaming videos? Then PaymoneyWubby youtube channel is made for you. Dennis Richardson kept for a very long time his name secret under the nickname Wubby. Fortunately, he finaly revealed his real name for the pleasure of his community. The soon-to-be 30 years old game is a web culture commentator and streamer. He runs the PaymoneyWubby twitch stream and YouTube channel, and has a sizable fandom and community. On top of that, he created a secondary Youtube channel, PaymoneyWubby Highlights on which he uploads only highlights of his gaming sessions as well and yearly retrospectives. His channels never growing and his main one reached 1 million subscribers not long ago. Dennis cares about his online identity and wants to keep it safe. That’s the reason why he decide to choose NordVPN, — a cybersecurity tool that protects online security and privacy.

PaymoneyWubby's illustration for his Youtube channel
PaymoneyWubby’s illustration for his Youtube channel

How to get PaymoneyWubby discount for NordVPN?

PaymoneyWubby recommends everyone use a software to encrypt data. He personally chose to go with NordVPN, the leader in the cybersecurity industry for many years.
For this occasion, Tipsfromgeeks has a special discount. Using the coupon code, Tipsfromgeeks, you can get NordVPN’s 2-year plan for as low as $4.13/month! In total, you can save up to 65% with this special discount so don’t miss it.
The coupon code is entered automatically at the checkout by clicking the link below:

NordVPN on discount with tipsfromgeeks from only $3.71/month
NordVPN on discount with tipsfromgeeks from only $3.71/month

What is the use of a VPN?

The NordVPN deal offered by Tipsfromgeeks and recommend by PaymoneyWubby is most probably the best VPN offer you can find at the moment.
One of the main advantages of a VPN is data security. This is important when you connect to a public WiFi network which is a place where your data can be easily stolen.
NordVPN offers a protection for your computer and smartphone so that you can surf these kinds of networks. Thanks to it, no more worries about being hacked or someone breaking into your privacy by stealing your private data.

The other very popular feature is the ability to bypass geo-restricted content. Indeed, for copyright and copyrights issues, some programs can not be broadcasted depending on the location. This is where the VPN appears and plays its part. You can connect to one of the 5,500+ servers and geo-locate yourself in another country to access the content of your choice.
This happens with streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu or Disney+ which are available using NordVPN servers located in the United States.

What are NordVPN’s main features?

NordVPN grew its popularity over the years for many reasons, from implementing new features to improving the ones already existing, let’s discover together the secrets behind this popularity.

  • NordLynx protocol for better speeds
  • CyberSec feature so your VPN works as an ad-blocker
  • Up to 6 devices connected with one account
  • Compatible with any OS like iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux
  • Works also as web extensions for navigators
  • No-logs policy confirmed by two audits
  • Customer support available 24/7

PaymoneyWubby is not the only youtube channel to recommend securing its data with NordVPN. Indeed, some other popular Youtubers like Eleanor Neale or Gibi ASMR also use this encryption powerhouse to stay safe.

Get the best VPN deal with NordVPN
Get the best VPN deal with NordVPN

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