Shadiversity sharing their limited time offer of NordVPN!

Shad M Brooks or better known for his YouTube name – Shadiversity is a well-known, Australian social media personality. Best known for making ingenious videos about all things swords, medieval culture, and fiction. Since the start of this channel back in 2013, he has gathered a vast following of over 1.19 million subscribers all thirsty for medieval goodness.
In his almost limitless quantity of videos, he covers different topics related to medieval times. Analysis of medieval fiction, expressing his feelings and notices of castles, weapons, various battles, and much more. Anyone who has even the slightest interest in ancient times or simply weapons will most definitely have a great time viewing his light-hearted content.

As a true medieval warrior, Shadiversity is offering his metaphorical sword to protect his viewers from the cyber dangers that lurk in the shadows. By using NordVPN he recommends keeping safe and anonymous online. And for a short time, you can get NordVPN for a great price by using the Shadivertisy NordVPN coupon code.

Shadiversity banner on YouTube
Shadiversity banner on YouTube

How to get Shadiversity NordVPN special coupon code?

Evidently, Shadiversity is indeed a warrior for the safety of each of his viewers. If you saw some of his latest videos, you may have noticed that he has suggested using a special coupon. As a lucky break, here, at Tipsfromgeeks, we managed to get a similar discount. Using the TipsFromGeeks coupon code, you can get NordVPN’s 2-year plan for just $3,71/month. In total, NordVPN offers 68% OFF.
That sounds too good? But of course, not, that is not all just yet. Getting this deal is easier than ever! Just tap on the button below and the coupon will automatically activate.

Risk free with their 30-day refund policy!

Get NordVPN on discount with an exclusive coupon code
Get NordVPN on discount with an exclusive coupon code

What to do with a VPN?

There are hundreds of uses for a VPN in this day and age. Internet service providers, governments even the websites you use track every bit of data you use. Making the internet no long as free as you may expect it to be.
By using a VPN you can avoid all that and more.

  • Full internet traffic encryption.
  • DNS and WebRTC leak prevention.
  • Security while using any network connection anywhere on the planet.
  • Ability to see region-blocked content.
  • No internet throttling by ISPs.

Why is NordVPN the best choice?

Still debating if NordVPN is worth it? Here are just a few reasons why NordVPN is leading the market:

  • Privacy: Located in Panama with a zero logs-based policy proven by two independent audits.
  • Possibilities: To use on account on 6 different devices
  • Flexibility: Use NordVPN on any devices, from Android & Linux to macOS, iOS, and Windows.
  • Servers: Close to 6000 servers in 59 countries around the world.
  • Streaming: NordVPN allows you to see content from almost every main streaming service and region.
  • Rewards: Bug bounty program for the technically adept.

NordVPN is also highly recommend by many influencers like Phill DeFranko, Pewdiepie or The Cosmonaut Variety Hour.

Get NordVPN on discount with an exclusive coupon code
Get NordVPN on discount with an exclusive coupon code

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