The Cosmonaut Variety Hour and NordVPN offer an insane deal!

The Cosmonaut Variety Hour and NordVPN offer an insane deal!

Marcus Turner or better known by his stage name – The Cosmonaut Variety Hour or even CVH, is an American YouTube superstar. By concentrating on the creation of review and analysis videos, he has managed to attract a large audience of subscribers and followers. At the moment the Cosmonaut Variety Hour has more than a million followers and nearly ten years of hard work.
For the most part, he focuses on popular superhero or comic book movies and expresses his thoughts as well as comments. However, CVH occasionally talks about television and games as well.
Recently, he made a video recommending NordVPN to all of his viewers. This is a brand leader in all things cybersecurity and the best thing of all he also has a discount code for anyone to grab.

The Cosmonaut Variety Hour YouTube Channel
The Cosmonaut Variety Hour YouTube Channel

How to get The Cosmonaut Variety Hour and NordVPN deal?

The Cosmonaut Variety does indeed offer an incredible deal, but Tipsfromgeeks has managed to get the same offer for 68% off the special NordVPN 2-year deal. This deal drops the standard price down to just $3.71 per month! This is truly a worthwhile purchase for anyone who looks for top-notch security and protection online. The best part is that it will be automatically applied at the checkout. All that is left to you is pressing the link below:

Get 68% off with our coupon at NordVPN’s checkout

What can a VPN do?

  • Encrypt and secure your internet traffic;
  • Unlock Geo-blocked content;
  • Block ads;
  • Hide your true IP address from online criminals;
  • Unblock various content on different streaming platforms;
  • Make you appear to be located in a different country;
  • Help with WebRTC and DNS leaks;

What does NordVPN have that you want?

That’s a simple answer! If you were reading this article, most likely you have some interest in both The Cosmonaut Variety Hour and NordVPN or VPN in general. If that’s the case, you have found the perfect provider to pick. NordVPN is a world leader in cybersecurity offering not only a VPN but also a password manager NordPass and a file encryption tool NordLocker.

The main selling point for NordVPN is the military-grade encryption it offers with thousands of servers to use anywhere in the world. By using NordVPN you can be sure that what you do online stays only with you. How can you be sure? Easy! They have a very strict no-logs policy and not one, but two independent audits proving this. With this, not even the ISP you use or the government of the country you are at-will know what you do. This is great in such places as China, where access to many websites is highly restricted.

Other well known YouTube stars also recommend using NordVPN, just take a look at the AngryJoeShow and PhillyD.

Get the best VPN deal with NordVPN and Tipsfromgeeks coupon code
Get the best VPN deal with NordVPN and Tipsfromgeeks coupon code

Probably everyone already knows who is Philip DeFranco, but to those who don’t – I’ll shortly explain. Philip DeFranco, or sometimes called PhillyD, is a YouTuber with a very successful YouTube channel and more than 6 million subscribers.

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