How Much Money Does Linus Tech Tips Make in 2021?

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Linus Tech Tips

How Much Money Does Linus Tech Tips Make in 2021?

Linus Sebastian is a Canadian personality, best known for his five YouTube channels (Techquickie, TechLinked, LinusCatTips and Channel Super Fun), the most popular channel being Linus Tech Tips. Overall, these four channels have over 14 million subscribers. Linus has founded Linus Media Group, a company that is responsible for the production of these channels.
His famous channel Linus Tech Tips ranked the 5th most-watched Technology channel on YouTube and he is considered to be one of Google’s top preferred advert channels. His videos usually consist of in-depth PC and numerous gadget reviews, unboxing, building PCs and more. 

Linus Tech Tips net worth

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Linus Tech Tips net worth is rather shocking

It’s no secret that LTT is one of the most popular tech YouTubers, having gathered over 5.2 billion views on his popular channel Linus Tech Tips. Having four more channels too and also taking up various tech and computer-related projects. Linus is one of the best examples when it comes to YouTube monetization and making money via his YouTube channel. LTT net worth skyrocketed since he first started making videos, so how much is Linus Tech Tips worth in 2021?

It is believed that his net worth in 2021 is somewhere around $2,5 million dollars, his main income channel being YouTube and his merch store

How does Linus Tech Tips make money?

LinusTechTips main income comes from his multiple YouTube channels and the merch store. However it is pretty hard to estimate the money he earns from that, thus we will focus on YouTube. So, this means that Linus gets paid for:

  • Views. YouTubers can join YouTube partner program and get paid for their video views. Usually, CPM is used, this means that the creator gets paid a fixed sum per 1000 video views, usually from $2-$5. 
  • YouTube ads. Creators can monetize ad views and ad clicks they get from their videos, as Google inserts ads via AdSense.
  • Paid sponsorships. Products and services pay for mentions or promoted material, such as merchandise, product placement and etc.
  • All of these. If the YouTuber is as big and famous as LinusTechTips, they probably get all of these, which is a lot, as the YouTuber is known so they get a lot of views and therefore get better sponsored deals.

A lot of YouTube personalities and channels get paid for their content, for example, Phil DeFranco, Techline, Alpharad, New Rockstars – all get paid for their videos and are known to have exclusive sponsors and make promotional content.

How much does Linus Tech Tips make?

Making money on YouTube is not as difficult as it may seem
  • Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel videos get about 1.5 million views per video.
  • TechLinked videos have about 500,000 views per video.
  • Techquickie videos get about 500,000 views per video.
  • Channel Super Fun has about 450,000 views per one video.
  • LinusCatTip videos get an average of 50,000 views for one video. Although the channel has been rather dead for almost two years now.

So, let’s say if Linus gets paid $3 dollars per 1000 video views, he gets an estimate of about $6,750 per one video, which can be said is about per day, as most videos gather the biggest share of their views in the first 24 hours.

But let’s assume that the sum is a bit less. Maybe he gets paid less for his other less popular YouTube channels so about $150,000 per month

Knowing that Linus advertises for various products and advertisers, and does a lot of paid sponsorships and promotions. It can be said that he gets about $220,000 per month.

That is a lot, considering that Linus Sebastian is only 32 years old. As his career keeps going and surely his video views and popularity will continue to rise, Linus Tech Tips channel might become an even bigger and more popular YouTube technology channel if he continues making relevant content and keeps up with his competitors who are growing strong as well. Linus also promotes VPNs and shares his tips for best VPN use cases. His tip on how to get cheaper flight tickets is something we tried ourselves and you can read about it here.

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Linus is one of the best examples when it comes to YouTube monetization and making money via his YouTube channel and other. Linus Tech Tips net worth skyrocketed since he first started making videos, so how much is Linus Tech Tips worth in 2021?

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