OverSimplified YouTube channel offers a NordVPN discount – get the deal

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OverSimplified YouTube channel offers a NordVPN discount – get the deal

OverSimplified is my go-to number 1 YouTube channel when I want to learn a thing or two about History. Unlike the popular opinion, history is no easy subject. It can get tricky to know all the causes and consequences that shape the face of the earth. That’s where OverSimplified jumps in. This English-American gentleman takes the time to analyse all this phenomenon in-depth, yet in an oversimplified way. You’ll get to know how and why the American civil war happened, why the French revolution and many more. He knows about dangers to particular historical period, so you’ll find one more thing; a discount for a cybersecurity service NordVPN.

Oversimplified YT cover
Oversimplified YouTube channel explains history easily

How to get a massive discount for NordVPN?

OverSimplified is so dedicated to his fans that he cares for their privacy and gives valuable advice to protect it.
Tipsfromgeeks offers the possibility to stay safe online using NordVPN. Indeed, with the coupon code, you can get NordVPN’s 2-year plan for only $3.71 per month. Basically, it corresponds to 68% OFF the regular price. The coupon code will be applied automatically at the checkout.

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Who is OverSimplified?

We don’t know a lot about the Man behind the channel, except some random facts. He was born in 1993 and grew up in the UK. However, for some time he lived in Japan and can even speak the language a bit. Talking about influences, he mentions Bill Wurtz History of Japan as one of them.

 He created his YouTube account in 2006, but his first video about the 1st World War was uploaded in 2016 and amassed 22 million views. Astonishing, right? After that, he kept uploading regularly and right now, the channel has 3.33 million subscribers. There was some controversy when his work Hitler – Oversimplified was marked as offensive and blocked in some European countries. However, YouTube has removed the offensive classification and allowed its monetization, although the video remains unavailable in some countries.

Why does OverSimplified recommend NordVPN?

NordVPN is a real fighter for open and safe internet. This service helps various nonprofits to achieve this goal. Moreover, an Emergency VPN program exists where citizens of countries that suffer from dictatorships can receive VPN service for free. NordVPN has 5500+ high-speed servers to choose from that allow to bypass geographical restrictions with ease and comfort.

Casey Neistat and PewDiePie are among other Youtubers recommending NordVPN to stay safe online.

NordVPN is recommended by a lot of popular YouTube celebrities

OverSimplified is my go-to number.1 YouTube channel when I want to learn a thing or two about history. Unlike the popular opinion, history is no easy subject, and it can get tricky from time to time to know all the causal relationships, facts, and various influences that shape the face of the earth.

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